7 COLORS / energy medicine


Scent Provides A Direct Pathway To The Soul

Each different color and corresponding scent represent a quality or dimension of life around us – one that we may not have experienced or noticed before. Each color has a differing effect on the senses which is felt at the physical, mental and emotional level. Color brings impulses of pleasure, resolution, satisfaction, and contentment, dissolving all that is tense and tight.

Choosing your color is the first step. How do you know which color you need to create emotional and physical balance? You can go by instinct, that which your body is first attracted to is usually the most accurate. If you are like many people and have an active second guessing mind, then read the description of each color's meaning to help you decide.

Color and aroma therapy is a very effective ad subtle way to bring balance into your life, helping you to be proactive rather than reactive. Life is wonderful when you are prepared for the journey it has to offer you.

Botanical Perfumes / 7 Colors / 10ml


I'M PASSIONATE / antidote for stagnation

Attraction + Passion + Adventure + Romance

Essential oils and attars of black rose, french rose, red rose and sandalwood.

For a lean, firm body that moves lightly without effort, use Red. Its action increases energy, mobility and endurance while allowing our mind to rest. With Red, we simply feel like moving. We stop thinking about it and DO IT.

The Red frequency band induces lightness of step and quickened reflexes, for ease of movement and grace. Red accelerates cellular activity and blood flow, sending oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin to combat the ravages of aging and create a fresh, rosy glow. It stimulates glandular secretions and excites the senses, awakens our taste buds, brightens our sense of smell, captures sounds we may have missed before and turns our eyes toward beauty everywhere. We, in turn, attract romance into our lives.



I'M DELIGHTED / antidote for heartache

Celebration + Acceptance + Laughter + Individuality

Essential oils and attars of sweet orange, tangerine, clove, cinnamon and jasmine.

The brightness of Orange draws us out of our inner reverie where we see the world in a new light. Its sunny nature opens the heart, lifting out hidden dreams and possibilities to the surface where they can be remembered and realized. Its like opening a present and finding ourself inside.

This lighthearted, friendly color fills the distance that holds us apart from others, bringing two hearts together as one with tolerance, compassion, and deeper understanding. Though we all see life’s challenges through different eyes, we are also much the same; we all yearn to be heard, appreciated, and honored for all that we are. Take yourself to the party and celebrate life’s diversity and oneness.



I'M POWERFUL / antidote for worries

No Worries + Possibilities + Optimism + Mental Clarity

Essential oils and attars of lemon, lemongrass, honeysuckle, ginger, peppermint and vetiver.

When we awaken to the morning light, our minds are free and clear. Yellow clears the cobwebs from the mind, dissolving troublesome thoughts and mental confusion, bringing joy out of darkness. Everything looks different in yellow light – suddenly we see a life full of sweet contentment and pure delight.

Lighten up, put the past behind, and follow the path of new possibilities. Use yellow to organize your thoughts, make clear decisions, develop new skills and live joyously.



I'M MOTIVATED / antidote for idleness

Energy + Regeneration + Vitality + Renewal

Essential oils and attars of juniper berry, pine, cedarwood, lily of the valley, vetiver and rose geranium.

The color Green refreshes and renews like walking through the forest in springtime, alive with the fresh green leaves of towering trees, budding bushes, swirling ferns and sweet grasses. Green is everywhere and catches our hearts with it’s beauty.

Like nature itself, green stills the mind, softens the heart, and brings us into the present moment. As our muscles unwind, heart rhythms soften, breathing deepens, blood pressure lowers, we suddenly feel free of all that has been holding us down. Use Green whenever you want to climb, run, dance, or even pass a test without effort or anxiety.



I'M LIGHT-HEARTED / antidote for the blues

Hope + Encouragement + Inner Calm + Truth

Essential oils and attars of grapefruit, gardenia, juniper berry and rose.

Blue brings hope and is never missing. It is always available to you if you let it penetrate through bitter feelings that can bind the heart. Blue takes us deep into an inner state of consciousness, a place of true knowing, where the world slips away to reveal our deepest feelings and beliefs. To “be blue” is to look into ourselves for solutions and to find our own path.

In the silence of the mind we can feel forgiveness and hope, mending the heartache of life’s painful moments with compassion, sweet charity and love. The true nature of Blue is genuine care for the welfare of others. In times of discouragement, loss or regret, may you find Blue, and let your spirit soar.



I'M PEACEFUL / antidote for anxiety

Peaceful Sleep + Intuition + Insight + Serenity

Essential oils and attars of frankincense, amber and myrrh.

Are you ready to realize your vision? If so, your mood is deep Indigo.  This frequency leads you into a state where clutter in the mind disappears, concentration in focused, non-essentials are eliminated, and ideas become clear. Whether you want to undertake a new beauty regimen, redo your household, participate in social reform, write a book, compose a concerto, develop new scientific insight and know-how, or bring relief to the world’s suffering people, this mode is where visions and dreams become real.



I'M INSPIRED / antidote for uncertainty

Creativity + Knowing + Inspiration + Enlightenment

Essential oils and attars of lavender, lilac, vetiver, oak moss, African violet and geranium.

Violet is like early dawn when everything begins anew. Grasses, flowers, and human hearts arise to the song of life returning. And there, in the fleeting shadows, Violet light dances over the spaces in between the lines of our waking consciousness, where it touches our world with new concepts and ideas from the higher mind. We can experience a kind of sudden insight or immediate knowing that seems to belong to a new sense, a sixth sense. Violet brings new understanding, love and even nobility to our daily lives.


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7 COLORS / energy medicine
7 COLORS / energy medicine
7 COLORS / energy medicine