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The Power Of Love Protects Me

Nourish your beautiful curves and let gifts from the earth protect your precious skin. Saturated with the most delicate botanicals, Anointed Body Butter warms and melts with your touch as it sinks deep in your skin. Your skin will feel as soft as rose petals while the nutritive ingredients work to reduce inflammation, provide hydration, and boost collagen production. Sweet notes of rose, fresh lime, and coconut delight the soul and kindle the body with renewed passion.

Glow Time Ritual: Fancy Feet Mask

Our feet do so much for us and we rarely give them attention.  Anoint your feet with a moisturizing mask.  Apply our ANOINTED LOVE BUTTER to your feet after a shower or bath then slip on some sleep socks to lock in the moisture.

Abundant Application

This love butter can be used anywhere and everywhere. Simply place the desired amount in the palm of the hand and rub the hands together to warm and melt the butter. Apply liberally to the belly, buttocks, neck, chest and anywhere else you want to envelop in love. Delight in sexy, supple, glowing skin.

Enlivened Formula


Shea butter*, sweet almond oil*, apricot kernel oil*, avocado oil, cocoa butter*, jojoba oil*, raw beeswax, vitamin E T-50. Hand-selected essential oils of rose, lime and coconut.

wildcrafted** organic*

Naturally Gluten Free / No Animal Testing / Made In The USA

ANOINTED / love butter Reviews

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Anointed body butter

Posted by Lisa A. on Nov 1st 2017

My new favorite! This is a beautiful, silky body butter that has helped keep the scar tissue from
my breast lumpectomy stay soft and supple. It is really a miracle skin care product and I’ve tried many to soften this scar. Anointed has done the trick!