ASHES / reincarnation cleansing grains

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juniper + powdered pearls + lily of the valley

Can a dry powder, soapless cleanser be breathtakingly beautiful? This one is! This ultra luxurious cleansing powder works its magic to lift age spots, discolorations and calm red areas. High-powered ingredients quickly ease inflammation and enhance the natural elasticity and luminosity of the skin. Ashes help to prevent hyper-pigmentation by slowing down the melanin production in the skin. Yes, there is a little magic in every jar of Ashes!

Ashes burst and bubble as they deep clean dirt, daily pollution and bacteria from your lovely skin. It won't strip your skin of its natural oils or disrupt its delicate pH balance. This silky soft combination of potato (loaded with Vitamin C), 50 plus trace mineral salts, citric crystals, organic milk and sugar cane brightens and warms the skin, naturally purifies, tightens pores, controls excess sebum and reduces acne and hormonal breakouts. It simply brightens and clarifies for clean, smooth skin. Like the phoenix from the ashes, these cleansing grains will make your skin feel born again.

BEAUTY TIP #1: Use it with your favorite shampoo to revitalize, heal and nourish your scalp. Pour your normal amount of shampoo into your palm and sprinkle Ashes on top. Add water until you have a wonderful foaming mixture. Wash hair and let mixture rest for a few minutes before rinsing completely.

MIXOLOGY BEAUTY BLEND: Our favorite way to clear age spots and ease redness? Sprinkle a little Ashes over Clarity Awakening Face Cream – add a little water to create a mousse-like face mask. Apply to the entire face and relax for 10 minutes. Rinse completely.

Use Regularly To Help

  • Restore skin's natural pH balance
  • Plump, brighten and soften the skin
  • Remineralize skin for increased hydration
  • Diminish age spots and discolorations
  • Protect against premature aging and skin damage
  • Increase cellular metabolism
  • Encourage collagen production

It's Good Medicine

Ashes are symbolic of life reduced to its simplest form — purity — and as such are part of the Sacred Ways of the Native American Cultures. Soaps were first discovered when ashes were combined with oil. Our ashes are a reduced form of potato, powdered pearls, and other mineralized essences.

How To Indulge

Dust your palms lightly with Ashes, then add water to the hands. As the grains burst and bubble, rub your hands together several times, and, like magic the cleansing powder becomes a silky liquid. A warm, tingling sensation should be expected as the Vitamin C is activated by adding water to the dry powder. If the solution feels sticky, add a little water until it glides smoothly over your skin.  Before rinsing away, let it rest on the skin for a moment to complete the cleansing action.

Enlivened Formula

Organic potato, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, 50+ trace mineral sea salts, organic sugar cane, powdered pearls and organic milk. Pure essential oils and attars of juniper berry, pine needle, cedar wood, lime, vetiver, rose geranium and lily of the valley.

Essential Oil Blend
Renews a healthy glow, soothes, restores even tone, exfoliates treats acne, soothes eczema, boosts skin's immunity, calms, promotes blood circulation, detoxifies, moisturizes, boosts collagen

Powdered Potato
Protects from free radical damage (antioxidant), boosts collagen, improves elasticity, cleans, mild exfoliation, plumps, treats and clears blemishes, brightens, softens, maintains balanced skin, moisturizing

Brightens, promotes cell turnover, controls overactive oil production

Soothes dry skin, calms stressed skin, removes debris from clogged pores, brightens, diminishes the appearance of age spots, assists in maintaining moisture, plumps, protects cells from damaging free radicals

Trace Minerals
Heals, treats acne, soothes irritated skin, protects, calms, softens

Powdered Pearls
Strengthens, firms, improves elasticity, protects, balances over active oil glands, treats acne, hydrates skin

Naturally Gluten Free / No Animal Testing / Made In The USA 

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Amazing product
Written by Becky Walker on Jul 31st 2017

I love so many things from this brand, but these ashes are simply amazing! I bought them initially to use in my shampoo and to help heal my scalp. Which they have seriously helped my sensitive scalp heal. I will be buying the bigger container. I have used it on my face as well and it is just simply wonderful. Highly recommend.

Incredible Product
Written by UKR on Jul 28th 2017

Have only been using Ashes for a few weeks and am amazed at the results. My skin feels so much smoother and looks clearer and brighter, even without makeup. I love the way Ashes can be mixed with their other products like Sand, Clarity, Rain, Purity, and Honey Bee, to create luxurious formulas that pamper my face and delight my senses. The scent of their products is intoxicating and reminiscent of the earthy smell after a rain. Only wish I had found these products years ago.

Wonderful Product
Written by Rebecca on May 15th 2017

This cleanser is so great for your skin! I finally bought the bigger container and it is a bargain! I am so glad I found this product! I am loving all their products. I highly recommend trying this if you are looking for something non-toxic and truly does what it says!

After Trial Size Bought Full Size
Written by Bryana on Jan 21st 2017

I wrote a previous review regarding the trial size. I am even more in love with this product than I was then. I use Ashes daily as a morning cleanser, and I have also added it to my hair routine. Autoimmune issues and their treatments have caused scalp issues- itchy, oily, dry, just unbalanced. I have tried numerous shampoos and conditioners, but they were either too drying or left my hair oily. However, I began adding this to my shampoo (pour shampoo in hair then sprinkle this on top and add water), and my scalp is so unbelievably balanced- no itch, no flakes, not dry or oily. I have used this with 3 different shampoos and all had the same result. I tried to skip Ashes in my daily skincare routine to see if it was really working, and I didn't make it a full 24 hours. My skin is just happier with it. Usually a product works for a week or two, then my face rebels but not with Ashes. Previous "natural" products had embedded themselves in my pores; and for the first time in my life, I had noticeable pores. This product proved to be a skinsaver and helped return my pores to their previous healthy state. So not only has this product become a must have in my skincare routine, it is a must have for my hair and scalp. I just can't be without this product.

Pure Obsession
Written by Bryana on Dec 22nd 2016

I received a sample of this, and I had no idea what to expect. It is pure genius. You can feel it working it's magic (because that what it does, magic). And more importantly, you can see an immediate difference in skin texture as well as improvements with inflamed skin. My makeup goes on like a dream- liquid, cream, powder. It doesn't matter. My skin looks better in and out of makeup. I sprinkle some in my hand then add a little water. As it fizzes, I rub my hands together then apply to my face. I let it sit for awhile then rinse. There is no residue or need for scrubbing, just clean skin. This is a new must have in my skincare routine. Once I get the full size, I will try on my hair. Awesome product, truly obsessed.

In love with it
Written by Antonina on Oct 28th 2016

It's such a great product, I love using it by itself and leave few extra minutes before rinsing off or in a mask together with honey mask, also tried it in my hair and loved it, definitely buying more

I am IN LOVE with Ashes!!!
Written by Carrie on Oct 5th 2016

First off, the smell of this product is so INSANELY GOOD that I wish there was a perfume with this scent! Second, this cleanser is magnificent! I keep a jar on my bathroom counter and a jar in my shower. I love mixing it with my face cleanser or the Sand Exfoliant. It even works great added to shampoo once a week for a deeper cleanse. I love this stuff and want to buy all my friends a jar!!! Highly recommended!

Feeling Fresh!
Written by Aly on Aug 26th 2016

I love the way Ashes works and feels. It feels like it's working when I use it and afterwards my skin feels so great. Not only that but it has helped so much with my breakouts... which are really a thing of the past. Thanks!

Written by Gillian on Aug 5th 2016

This is great in the morning! It has a wonderful warming sensation on the skin, is the mist gentle exfoliator and perfect to use on a daily basis. My skin feels so soft after using this!

Amazing Experience
Written by NJ on Apr 14th 2016

I am a HUGE fan of Good Medicine. I was exposed to Black Mold which ended up causing severe acne. NOTHING worked to heal my skin. I was beginning to loose hope when I found out about this product on Wellness Wonderland Podcast. I was immediately fascinated by the mission and vision of their work. My skin is feeling the love. It has never shined like this before! I use Ashes and Clarity in the AM, and Rain and Clarity at night. Another plus? Their customer service is top notch. One of my orders was no where to be found...do to my own typo of address..and whomever assisted me took action right away calling the post office and sending out a new package for delivery that night! Even though it was my fault for the mix up they did not make me feel embarrassed or at fault. It was solved within minutes. I rarely have a great experience with customer service and for the the support I received that night, I am forever hooked! Great people and great product.

Amazing Product
Written by Randi on Apr 9th 2016

My first experience with this product was several years ago. I was able to purchase it locally at a small boutique in Ogden. I am thrilled to have found it again. I love all of the skin care products from Good Medicine! They make my skin feel wonderful and they smell fantastic!

skin polish
Written by MMG on Mar 27th 2016

This product has a fresh, plant-y smell. It bubbles when water is added. cleans and polishes gently. It's a bit strange at first, but my skin seems to be clearing and brightening after weeks of use

Wonderful cleanse
Written by Janice Cone on Mar 4th 2016

I have large pores. I have been using Ashes for about 2 weeks. My pores are not only cleaner ( fewer blackheads) but they seem to be getting smaller!

Very soothing
Written by Lacy on Feb 4th 2016

This cleanser is excellent! I like it as a morning cleanse, or as a second cleanse after oil cleansing for makeup removal. The feel of the product on my face is very silky and I especially adore the fizzing action once water is added. As with all GMBL products, the scent is delightful. The only "issue" that I have with this product is that it does tend to clump ever so slightly, which is likely due to the potato in the product; however, do not let this deter you, as I believe it is due to "user error" on my part! ;) The only other thing of note is that the name "cleansing grains" is a bit misleading, as there is no detectable "grainy" or exfoliatory (totally just made up that word) feel to this product, as with traditional cleansing grains. As I said above, the feel is quite silky on application, so sensitive skinned beauties should especially enjoy this product!

Written by Marci on Jan 24th 2016

I use Ashes every morning, it gives my skin such a glow. I've noticed how clear my complexion looks, and my pores look smaller. I feel like I'm getting a facial every morning, such a treat.

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