Notes from the field: Smudge

Notes from the field: Smudge

Posted by The Beauty Lab On Mar 14th 2018 In notes from the field, wildcrafting, smudge

The Earth offers us great gifts. Half of the gift is ours to give: how we participate in its transformation. It's our prayers of gratitude, loving work, creativity and generosity that distills the sweetness of each gift.

This is one of our favorite insights from the book "Braiding Sweetgrass, Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants". It comes from the teachings of Nanabohzo, ensuring that our work never be too easy so that we become lazy or take these gifts for granted.

The Music & The Maestro.

Cris's love affair with seductive botanicals is no secret. The beautiful harmonies of wild desert landscape whisper to her, enchanted aromatic notes lure her closer – music for the body and soul. She innately recognizes the natural rhythms of the skin and the songs of wild plants that nourish and support them. She formulated SMUDGE Spirited Detox Masque with a clear vision: to quickly remove stagnation, detoxify, clear the skin and ultimately produce fresh, glowing skin.

The Harvest & The Free Spirit.

Nature expands you. Your aura can stretch out and expand into the atmosphere and surroundings in nature. Breath is deeper and bigger in nature - it’s good medicine. Alicia begins each desert harvest with a prayer of gratitude and an offering of thanks to the wild desert sage,  artemisia tridentata. Each delicate leaf is hand-selected, guided, and honored. Once carried from the desert and inside our beauty lab, they are placed in delicate wooden bowls to dry in sunlight and adorned with quartz crystals.

The Magic & The Sorceress.

To us, the essence of ceremony is a way to remember to remember. We are ancient and curious souls, finding that some days a simple meditation is enough of an exchange, other days require serious magic. This is where sacred intention comes in and Lara steps up to answer the call. She honors each batch of SMUDGE with the burning of sage, healing vibrations, and heart intention. The sage ash is then added to the formula so that her prayers may reach you.

The Dance & The Enchantress.

Spinning, weaving, and leaping in the reflection of copper walls, Karen infuses love into every batch she handcrafts in the lab kitchen. Her tapping of toes, whirling skirts and beaming smile convey deep affection for her creations. It's a dance of the head and the heart where conscious decisions are made and magic is realized.

The Gift & The Goddess.

Whitney fills every jar with the delicate powder, taking care to carry the positive vibrations of creation and joyful spirit throughout the process. As she places each lid, the cycle is almost complete. Now, she will package and ship SMUDGE to you. You complete the circle as you fall in love with this gift. May it bring your skin to blossom like a wild desert rose.