BREEZE / revival mist

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wild honey + fresh limes + aloe vera

Refresh. Revive. Restore. Relieve. That's a lot of "R's"!

Breeze truly does it all. This incredible wild desert mist quickly tones, revives and refreshes the skin. It restores balance to the skin while delivering nutrient-rich hydration. This is the essence of our wildcrafted desert tincture and is what makes Breeze so amazing. A fluid rich in minerals from desert plant life with natural antibacterial properties, Breeze soothes, cools and calms your skin. Its intense healing qualities combat blemishes and help to clear inflammation (bonus!). Fresh distilled limes and wild desert honey deliver deep, lasting hydration. We love to use it throughout the day to revitalize a tired mind and face.

BEAUTY TIP #1: Spritz over make up to set.

BEAUTY TIP #2: Spritz onto sun-kissed skin to quickly cool and encourage healing.

Use Regularly To Help

  • Brighten & soften the skin
  • Smooth rough patches & red areas
  • Protect against inflammatory breakouts
  • Balance the skin's natural pH
  • Clear dead skin cells & harmful toxins
  • Balance the production of sebum
  • Regenerate cell growth

It's Good Medicine

Like dancing through forests of pine and fields of green, Breeze lifts, twists and twirls on your skin bringing with it new life, freshness and protection. Breeze is saturated in a glorious health-giving tincture of wild-harvested juniper berries, chaparral and desert sage to revive your body, mind and spirit.

How To Indulge

Spritz Breeze over the face or pour just a little of the precious fluid into the palm. Touch hands together. Then, using fingers like a brush, stroke the skin in an upward motion, leaving little droplets of moisture behind as you move to firm, refresh and revive like a gentle breeze, restoring the skin’s delicate protective mantle.

Enlivened Formula

Organic aqueous tincture of wildcrafted desert sage, wildcrafted juniper berry, wildcrafted chaparral (larrea), organic dandelion and organic alfalfa. Pure extract of organic limes, organic aloe vera, glycerin. organic apple cider vinegar, citric acid, wild desert honey, caprylhydroxamic acid, caprylyl glycol.

Wildcrafted Desert Tincture
Cell boosting immunity, strengthens skin integrity, naturally occuring antibacterial agents treat and protect skin from acne, healthy cell support, boosts collagen, treats dryness, improves circulation, brightens, protects from free radical damage, calms, reduces redness, soothes irritated skin, detoxifies, improves circulation, supports healthy cells

Dandelion Leaf
Detoxifies, diminishes free radical damage, treats acne, firms, brightens

Aloe Vera
Calms, soothes, softens

Extract of Organic Lime
Boosts collagen, brightens, treats acne, exfoliates, balances oily skin, reduces dark spots

Wild Desert Honey
Powerful humectant, fights free radicals, treats and soothes irritated skin, promotes healthy cell turnover, plumps, calms, rejuvenates

Apple Cider Vinegar
Treats acne, restores balance, soothes irritated skin, increases skin health and ability to fight environmental issues, assists in delivering hydrating ingredients

Naturally Gluten Free / No Animal Testing / Made In The USA

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Perfect for summer
Written by Lisa on Jun 16th 2017

Okay, I got this in a Goodbeing subscription box and wasn't too crazy about it. But I have to say that as I used more, and the weather got warmer, I have really grown to appreciate it. It is an excellent lightweight summer moisturizer. It really refreshes my skin and feels very soothing. I got a second bottle as a freebie when I placed an order a couple weeks ago, which is good because my first bottle is nearly gone now.

Fabulous Spritzer
Written by Diane Craig on May 28th 2017

I recently did a three day 600 mile road trip by myself and I took the Revival Mist with me so whenever I needed a lift I simply spritzed around my face and it was like a breath of fresh air and energy lifted me up. It was as though the mist recharged and cleared my energy zone. Beautiful product.

Written by Rebecca on May 15th 2017

I have never really been a fan of toners but this one is AWESOME! I truly love this stuff!!

Written by Leymy on Feb 1st 2017

This product is amazing ! It truly does everything it says in the description. Every time I pat it on, my face feels clean and awake. Plus it gives me a glowing complexion! It is expensive, specially for me, but it is worth the money. You are getting a product that does so much and has very simple, amazing natural/organic ingredients. P.S. I am a student and work on the side. This product (plus the honey serum) is great during finals week when you are really stressed out and your skin is not at its best.

Great facial hydrosol
Written by Jan Tervydis on Nov 24th 2016

This product has a natural, wonderful scent. It is very moisurizing because of the glycerin component. I love it!

Written by Debra Paterson on Aug 12th 2016

This is the best toner, revitalizer, spritzer EVER! I can't be without it.

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