CLARITY / awakening face cream

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wild sage + desert rose + gardenia

This nutrient-rich herbal cream delivers a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals and free-radical fighting antioxidants. Its “awakening” power lifts and clears the skin, revealing a bright, soft, enlivened complexion with a gorgeous matte finish.

Clarity penetrates deep into the skin, restoring the skin's natural moisture barrier, bringing a rosy glow to the surface. Antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and phytonutrients gently heal, calm and protect your delicate facial tissue. Your skin will delight in the cool, velvety, deep moisture of this ultra luxurious face cream.

MIXOLOGY BEAUTY BLEND: Add a drop or two of Rain Replenishing Oil Wash to Clarity for an extra rich, night time recovery cream.

Use Regularly To Help

  • Firm and tone
  • Brighten the complexion
  • Protect from environmental damage
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Calm red areas and heal acne
  • Reduce skin discoloration & pigmentation
  • Protect against microbial infections
  • Combat bacteria & fungus
  • Boost collagen

It's Good Medicine

Floating in a sea of blue, Clarity calms the mind while giving a deep feeling of stability. The essential oil blend in Clarity moves us through the shadows within, lighting the heart with resolution, tranquility and inner strength. It gives us the strength to meet the day without regret or unworthy feelings. We use ample amounts of sage in this formula which is famous in desert lore for its use in native purification ceremonies to clear a toxic mind and heart.

How To Indulge

Place a small dab of cream between the fingers and rest the hands lightly over the face in a soft caress, carrying a fine protective coat to the face. Feel the skin begin to cool and calm, then watch the clear, rosy glow appear. Resist rubbing or pushing at the delicate facial skin.

Enlivened Formula

Organic aqueous tincture of wildcrafted desert sage, wildcrafted juniper berry, wildcrafted chaparral (larrea), organic dandelion and organic alfalfa. Organic olive oil, organic aloe vera, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, sodium stearyl lactylate, non-GMO kosher rice powder, organic sugar cane, vegetable glycerin, organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic CO2 calendula extract, wild raw honey, ascorbic acid, rosemary extract, wasabi extract, vitamin E T-50, vitamin B, caprylhydroxamic acid, caprylyl glycol. Pure essential oils and attars of juniper berry, grapefruit, gardenia & red rose.

Essential Oil Blend
Cools, calms, reduces blotchy skin, restores balance, protects, brightens

Wild Desert Tincture
Treats acne or hormonal skin, boosts collagen, free radical defense, improves circulation, calms, brightens, reduces redness, soothes, detoxifies, supports healthy cells

Olive Oil
Maintains a healthy moisture level in the skin, antioxidant protection, restores smooth skin texture, prevents free radical damage

Wasabi Extract
Preservative, boosts skin defense, heals, promotes circulation

Dandelion Leaf
Detoxifies, fights free radicals, treats acne, repairs cells, firms brightens, protects

Oxygenates, encourages collagen production, reduces inflammation, firms, brightens

Rice Powder
Conditions, supports cells, improves elasticity, smoothes fine lines, heals

Coconut Oil
Protects healthy tissues, softens, moisturizes, protects, reduces pore size, evens skin tone, heals, treats acne, smoothes fine lines, repairs damaged skin

Aloe Vera
Heals, calms, soothes, softens

Brightens, promotes cell turn over

Heals, regenerates, soothes, reduces inflammation, restores moisture, smoothes fine lines, protects thinning skin, brightens

Wild Desert Honey
Powerful humectant, fights free radicals, treats irritated skin, promotes healthy cell turn over, plumps, calms, rejuvenates, smoothes skin tone

Vitamin B
Brightens, improves skin tone, maintains moisture levels, protects skin cells

Caprylhydroxamic Acid
Preservative. An amino acid (organic compounds that are essential building blocks of life) derived from coconut oil.

Naturally Gluten Free / No Animal Testing / Made In The USA

Another amazing product
Posted Jun 16th 2017 by Lisa

This cream is yet another amazing product I have tried from this brand. Every single thing I have tried so far (which is most of it) has quickly become a staple in my daily routine. This cream is no exception. I use this at night with a drop or two of Rain (oil) and it truly is an amazing night cream. I wake up with my skin refreshed and just looking so calm and even. I absolutely love the smell. The fact that all of the Good Medicine products work so seamlessly with each other really is a bonus. And to top it off, a little goes a long way. I got the 2oz jar of this, and I use so little that I would anticipate this jar lasting me several months.

Amazing Results
Posted Jun 7th 2017 by Amber

I received a sample of this cream in a beauty box, and kind of by default it became my "at work hand/arm moisturizer", and I began using it daily. After a couple of weeks I noticed that the skin on my hands and arms was amazingly soft and smooth. If this cream works on facial skin as it does on hands and arms I'll call it a miracle. The smell is also fantastic - my 4 year old daughter even loves it.

Posted May 15th 2017 by Rebecca

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this cream! I have noticed a major difference in my skin tone and texture. My skin feels smoother and redness has diminished. Plus, I love the way it smells!! I think I finally found a face cream that I can stay with!

My One and Only
Posted Mar 9th 2017 by Bryana

I loved the trial size of Clarity so I didn't hesitate to purchase the full size. In combination with the rest of the mixology line, I saw major changes in my skin- clarity, texture, smaller pore size, less breakouts, less redness and dullness. Then I let some autoimmune induced melasma get to me so I tried a new moisturizer that was supposed to help dramatically reduce the eye sore melasma plaguing my results. My pores became noticeable, breakouts became an issue, my skin just didn't look good. So I have accepted the melasma and gone back 100% to GMBL mixology. When I say Clarity is "my one and only," I truly mean that. It is the only moisturizer I have found that agrees with my skin and moisturizers without being greasy or causing breakouts. I've been using Clarity only (no other moisturizers/ melasma treatments) for the last few days, and my skin is already responding and thanking me for that.

Perfect for my skin
Posted Jan 6th 2017 by Sarah Michelle Elliott

This face cream is the only one I ever use anymore. I have been purchasing this for about 6 months now and absolutely love it! :)

Posted Jan 2nd 2017 by Shannon

This is a wonderful moisturizer! Works so well on my skin and the price is totally worth it!

Worth every penny
Posted Nov 8th 2016 by Julie

This cream does not disappoint. Not only is my skin clearer, I've seen improvements in discoloration & lessened signs of aging. Although I have oily skin, I love the moisture it provides while keeping my skin balanced. Rounding out the positive qualities of this cream is the lovely scent. It's fresh and relaxing at the same time. I highly recommend this cream!

What a great product
Posted Oct 28th 2016 by Antonina

I love this cream, it's moisturizing though not oily, my skin drinks it so fast, always wake up fresh in the morning, it smell amazing too some sort of aromatherapy :) keep up good work !!!

Love this product!
Posted Sep 10th 2016 by Brave girl

I first used this product over 20 years ago when I could buy it from a local retailer. I am so happy that I found it again. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and the smell is fabulous.

Best face cream ever!
Posted Aug 22nd 2016 by Marie

This is the best face cream I've ever used! It's so soothing and makes my skin glow!

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CLARITY / awakening face cream