Pregnancy & Motherhood

Mama Glow Skincare Rituals

Welcome to a new way of being.  This is your initiation, a journey to loving yourself through ritual.  We invite you to relish in our capsule of self-care and use these enlivened formulas to enhance your life.  Our culture is so focused on accelerated living and productivity and places very little attention on process.  We are all about the journey, even getting this product into your hands was a process.  We took our time to create a formula that we believed celebrates women as goddesses.  We thought about the incredible goddesses in folklore near and far, living goddesses that are walking the planet today and who continuously inspire us and ones long gone.  And we thought of you, the modern goddess.

As part of helping women reclaim their Glow Time, we have created a RITUAL GUIDE to GLOW TIME, this booklet accompanies each product set and contains lifestyle tips, rituals, how-to’s, mantras, ingredient information, and inspiration to help make self-care accessible and actionable for women everywhere. As a single mother who grew her maternity wellness business from the ground up, I believe it is imperative to establish a glow time routine as a pathway to self love, personal growth and success. I attribute my meditation, yoga practice and ritual bath soaks to the many “aha" moments that have helped guide my business.

We welcome you to slow down and celebrate your self-care.  Enjoy!

- Latham Thomas, Mama Glow