A Plant-powered Medicine Cabinet 

The carefully chosen essential oils, botanicals and earth elements used in our healing balms have a powerful synergistic effect. Like most things in nature, the harmonious blending of multiple healing agents working together create amazing super remedies.

Each conscious blend imparts both physiological actions and emotional psychospiritual experiences. This powerful dual function allows them the ability to affect both the body and the mind simultaneously.

They quickly unravel aches and pains while comforting the mind and lifting the soul. These healing balms penetrate deep into your skin and tissues to relieve discomfort, heal damaged tissues and calm achy joints and muscles. Use them head-to-toe and feel the intense healing action as you move freely with a renewed lightness of step.

THE WEARY TRAVELER SURVIVAL KIT intense healing This intense healing kit is the perfect traveling companion when you need to relieve a weary body, mind and soul. Our ultra strength Muscle Balm penetrates deep into joints and muscles bringing sweet...
EVERY LITTLE THING BALM HEALING + EARTH MAGIC The desert holds many healing secrets.  We've lovingly extracted many of them to create this dynamic, healing balm. Use it anywhere, any time to heal dry, cracked skin, and restore moisture.  It...
MUSCLE BALM HEALING + SOUL FIRE Healing and deep penetrating warmth, like the desert sun.  This miraculous topical remedy is formulated to dilate the peripheral blood vessels increasing circulation.  The increased blood flow speeds up the...