HONEY BEE / blossoming revelation mask

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wild honey + apple pectin + aloe vera

The bees have secrets. Harness the miracle of raw wild honey and reclaim that youthful glow. Age-defying essential oils, honey, aloe and other potent botanicals combine to create a hydraulic motion that quickly rebuilds moisture levels in the skin. Feel and see the difference after just one application. Our honey mask purifies and restores balance, stops bacterial growth, and acts as a mild alpha-hydroxyl acid to reveal a new layer of gorgeous skin. This vitamin and mineral-rich formula clears and evens out skin tone, smooths fine lines, firms, hydrates and softens delicate facial tissue restoring a healthy glow. The fountain of youth might be a myth, but this stuff is real.

MIXOLOGY BEAUTY BLEND: For sunburned, acne prone, dry or irritated skin, create a healing mask with Honey Bee and Ashes Reincarnation Cleansing Grains.

Use Regularly To Help

  • Clear & brighten the skin
  • Deep hydration
  • Halt bacteria growth
  • Reveal fresh, new cells
  • Firm & even out skin tone
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Smooth skin tone

It's Good Medicine

Dancing wild and free, desert honey bees create the most beautiful, golden nectar for your skin. Softly blended with the gifts of ripe apple pectin, aloe vera and apple cider vinegar, your skin drinks in this bright nourishment to heal, revitalize and glow.

How To Indulge

Apply lightly with finger tips or brush. Let sit on the facial skin up to two minutes. Rinse with warm water until the honey is removed. Use weekly or daily to renew the skin's supple texture, reducing the effects of daily wear and tear.

Enlivened Ingredients

Wild raw honey, apple pectin, aqueous infusion of desert sage**, juniper berry**, chaparral**, dandelion* & alfalfa*. Extracts of limes*, aloe vera juice*, vegetable glycerin*, caprylhydroxamic acid, caprylyl glycol, citric acid (sugar derived), apple cider vinegar*. Hand-selected essential oils of frankincense, amber, myrrh.

*organic **wildcrafted

Wild Honey
Powerful humectant, fights free radicals, treats irritated skin, promotes healthy cell turnover, plumps, calms, rejuvenates, smoothes

Apple Pectin
Protects skin’s natural barrier, improves elasticity, supports new cells, reduces fine lines, moisturizes

Aloe Vera
Heals, calms, soothes, softens

Antiseptic properties, calms, soothes, supports healthy cells, reduces inflammation or red blotchy skin tone

Soothes dry skin, cleansing, brightens

Purified, promotes new cell growth, improves elasticity, treats acne

Naturally Gluten Free / No Animal Testing / Made In The USA

HONEY BEE / blossoming revelation mask Reviews

Based on 12 reviews


Posted by Valerie Holland on May 10th 2018

I first received this product in a sample size in the peacemaker clear skin kit and have since purchased the full size. I am in love with the smell and my face has never looked better. This product, the clarity face lotion and the honey dew serum have my skin looking the best its ever looked. I will continue to purchase and have added this into my weekly routine. I leave it on a lot longer than the instructions say and have had no problems. I also use it 2-3 times a week.

Soothing Sweetness!

Posted by Annie on Dec 26th 2017

I really enjoy this mask on its own or mix with Ashes. On its own it does such a beautiful job of delivering moisture and leaving the skin looking hydrated and healthy. The scent is wonderful and comforting. I had purchased a mini and feel in love and got myself a full size. A little goes a long way. A mask for all needs!


Posted by caylee senger on Dec 19th 2017

I will always buy this mask!!! it makes your skin soft supple and reduces fine lines :)

Honey Bee

Posted by Diane G on Sep 18th 2017

Love honey bee on its own or mixed with sand. After working in the sun and getting very dirty I love to use sand in the shower. Sometimes it seems a little harsh if I have been out a long time so I add honey bee and WOW. Follow up with radiance or indigo cream and your skin feels amazing. I use breeze and clarity for my face


Posted by Colleen on Aug 28th 2017

Read about this from a blogger on Instagram and decided to give it a try. It is AMAZING!! I have psoriasis and a little rosacea on my face. When I use this I almost immediately see a difference!! I am excited to try more Good Medicine products!

You need this in your life!

Posted by Joshua on Aug 1st 2017

Being male, I shave my face at least twice weekly. After using sand- I use this honey mask and oh my gosh! My skin has never looked or felt this good. My skin is incredibly oily and acne prone- since using the mask along with sand and ashes- my skin has gotten balanced and my outbreaks are not as prevalent. My skin feels so smooth and soft after using this mask. I am addicted now!

Love, love, love!

Posted by Regina on Jun 6th 2017

Love, love, love! I use this as a mask weekly but when I feel an imperfection growing I simply dab a little on the spot and go to bed. I awake to less redness and a shrunken problem...works great!!

Great Product

Posted by Jennifer on Apr 25th 2017

This is such a nice (and fast) honey mask! I find that it always makes my skin brighter, softer and evens the tone. I like to use it 2 or so times a week - and I love to combine it with 'Ashes'. I find it eliminates any acne. :)
Loooove it! :) :)

Miracle worker

Posted by Brandi on Apr 10th 2017

I love this stuff! My skin looks amazing and it makes my skin glow. It also smells amazing!


Posted by Bryana on Mar 9th 2017

I'm obsessed with Honey Bee. The smell, the texture (albeit sticky), the ingredients, the results, the smell (seriously, the smell lol). My skin feels so soft, hydrated, awakened. It's a must have for me.

Love this product

Posted by Cheryl Janis on Feb 20th 2017

I tried this once and am addicted. It's so easy to apply, makes my skin feel amazing and I want to eat it, it smells that good.

Great product

Posted by Antonina on Oct 28th 2016

I first have tried a small size and fell in love with it, I take it with me when I travel also (who doesn't like a quick facial on the go?), it so wonderful, I like mixing it with cleansing ash grains for brightening effect, when I apply it on my face I feel like I'm in a field of flowers :) love it !