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Customize Your Medicine Bag

Select your favorite cleanser, toner, mask or exfoliant, moisturizer and superhero and add it to your bag. Our TRAVEL + TRY sizes provide ample amounts of product so you can take them with you on your next adventure, try new products or play with MIXOLOGY

They arrive at your door in a beautiful, reusable natural fiber bag and a skincare booklet. What could be better? Now smile and have a blast!

Customize Your Skincare Routine

This is skincare that meets your individual needs. Our formulas are designed to be used in harmony with one another and can be blended together (Hello, Mixology!) to create your perfect match. Here you will find formulas to enliven and beautify your skin, allow your natural system to absorb nutrients, release toxins, and strengthen it's natural resiliency. It's one powerful "Medicine Bag".

Did we mention that orders $50+ receive a complimentary Mini product? So if you missed out on anything here, just let us know which formula you would like in your notes at checkout.

BEAUTY LAB TIP: When switching to a new skincare routine remember to take it slow. We recommend just using 1-2 new products per week and build as your skin becomes accustomed to new ingredients.

Learn About MIXOLOGY Beauty Blends

Medicine bag
Posted May 28th 2017 by Janene

This was such a awesome thing to give to my daughters in law for Mother's Day. Bought 2. Easy way to share the products that I love and use. Printed off the mixology list for them too. Also it was fun and interesting to come to your shop in April. Keep up the good work I share with everyone I know.

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