Medicine Woman MOJO

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Botanical Perfume

Mojo is the essence of woman. She’s soft, yet strong. Firm, yet gentle. She has the world by its tail but surrenders to the simple pleasures of life. She stands tall in wisdom and walks in love.

This soft, warm fragrance is our signature blend. It's subtle enough to wear every day but also sexy enough to transition into evening. It's a well rounded, dynamic blend that combines the sensual aroma of desert roses with the soft warmth of Egyptian sandalwood. Notes of clove bud and cinnamon linger for a moment, adding a hint of spice.

Fragrance Blend

Custom blended Artisan Alcohol and 100% pure essential oils and attars of:
TOP NOTES: Rose Attar
HEART NOTES: Egyptian Sandalwood
BASE NOTES: Cinnamon & Clove Bud

Medicine Woman Mojo
Posted Jan 31st 2016 by Carolyn

This Scent has Won me Over! It is Alluring, Sexy and it contains "No" Alcohol! My New Favorite! Ladies you need to Try it!

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Height 8.00
Width 8.00
Depth 8.00
Medicine Woman MOJO
Medicine Woman MOJO