MINI BAR / botanical perfumes

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10ml Botanical Perfume


Women search the world over for their perfect scent. Now you can try lots of beautiful fragrances without breaking the bank. Our "minis" have over 200 sprays in each generous 10ml spirtzer. Why? Because we want you to fall madly in love.


Botanical Blends

Our beautiful Botanical Perfumes are made of custom blended Artisan Alcohol and 100% pure essential oils and attars. Each lively blend is created by our very own Master Aromatherapist. We use only pure essential oils and attars and every blend is made by hand, in small batches, and bottled with love. All Good Medicine Botanical Perfumes are synthetic free.

Please visit the main product pages for a list of essential oils and attars used in each perfume.

Posted Jul 26th 2016 by Laurablushing

Absolutely loved the scent. The packaging is beautiful and the spray nozzle worked well. Unfortunately, I dropped mine on the tile the day It arrived and it shattered. On my lava bead bracelet the smell lasted the rest of the day. One day I'll repurchase it.

Great way to try fragrance
Posted Dec 11th 2015 by Debra

I really liked receiving these "samples" in order to try fragrance. They are a good size for the money and I'm happy I tried before buying the larger sizes.

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MINI BAR / botanical perfumes