MINI Botanical Perfumes


Women search the world over for their perfect scent. Now you can try lots of beautiful fragrances without breaking the bank. Our "minis" have over 200 sprays in each generous 10ml spritzer. Why? Because we want you to fall madly in love.

Our Handcrafted Blends

Our beautiful Botanical Perfumes are made in small, handcrafted batches in a base of ethically sourced artisan alcohol. Each lively blend is created by our very own Master Aromatherapist using hand-selected pure essential oils. All Good Medicine Botanical Perfumes are synthetic, toxin, gluten and cruelty free.

Moon Shadow
HEART NOTES: Sandalwood
BASE NOTES: Cinnamon & Clove Bud

TOP NOTES: Sweet Orange, Tangerine, Jasmine
HEART NOTES: Frankincense, Amber, Myrrh, Clove
BASE NOTES: Balsam Tolu, Vetiver

Love Letter

Dream Catcher
TOP NOTES: Frankincense

Wild Rosette
TOP NOTES: Rose, Champa Flower
HEART NOTES: Sandalwood
BASE NOTES: Buddha Wood, Oud

Ode To Blue
TOP NOTES: White grapefruit, Bergamot 
HEART NOTES: Juniper Berry, Rosewood
BASE NOTES: Oakmoss, Black Pepper


MINI Botanical Perfumes Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Absolutely fantastic!

Posted by Jill Mason on Apr 2nd 2018

I ordered the mini botanical perfumes in Moon shadow, beloved, and love letter. I love all three but I would have to say that Love Letter is by far my favorite and I wear it most often. These are not overpowering fragrances and are perfect for me since I am very sensitive to strong scents. I love these and hope they offer the alcohol based perfumes in a larger bottle because I prefer this to an oil based perfume. Highly recommend and plan on purchasing more.


Posted by sheryl on Jan 2nd 2018

Subtle, rich, blends with your body's natural aroma to create something that doesn't stand out but enhances an aroma that is pleasing but not overpowering.
Working with people you have to be very careful about not effecting those with chemical allergies, this fragrance has not triggered any negative response and only positive.


Posted by Stephanie on Aug 15th 2017

Absolutely love the smell of this perfume. I've been rocking it all summer, since my purchase and it makes me feel like I'm on a beach somewhere drinking out of a coconut. I'm the worst at describing scents but if you like the Lomi Lomi body oil, you'll love this scent. They are so very similar and it's like having the lomi lomi oil on the go. For sure, a keeper!


Posted by Dallas on Aug 6th 2017

I have found my new favorite perfume! I can't even describe how perfect this scent is to me. It's a bit like the Indigo lotion or I'm Peaceful bath botanicals, which I am obsessed with. This perfume is my one and only now!


Posted by Shevelle on Aug 4th 2017

I'm so in love with my purchase of the mini that once this is finished I'm for sure getting the bigger bottle. I feel like a true hippie when I'm wearing this scent. So me!

Clean, fresh scents.

Posted by Vanessa on Jul 26th 2017

Mojo: Clean, powdery, feminine fresh scent. Of the two I own, this one reminds me of a "traditional" high-end type perfume. I love this for daily wear and I can even get away with wearing it to the gym. It has a nice scent that lasts throughout the day (or workout!) without overpowering. Love it!

Wonder: Deeper yet clean, smoky/sultry scent. Soft. I wish I could bathe in this! I'm one of those people who wear scents to match my mood, this is my go to for date-nights or times when I need an extra oomph of confidence!


Posted by Jasi Long on Jul 13th 2017

I loved being able to sample this Botanical Perfume before committing to a larger bottle but I really wish, now, that I would of bought the full size! It smells so wonderful!! I am a huge fan of rose and sandalwood and this Perfume did not disappoint!


Posted by Laurablushing on Jul 26th 2016

Absolutely loved the scent. The packaging is beautiful and the spray nozzle worked well. Unfortunately, I dropped mine on the tile the day It arrived and it shattered. On my lava bead bracelet the smell lasted the rest of the day. One day I'll repurchase it.

Great way to try fragrance

Posted by Debra on Dec 11th 2015

I really liked receiving these "samples" in order to try fragrance. They are a good size for the money and I'm happy I tried before buying the larger sizes.