Mixology Beauty Blends & Skincare Recipes

Mixology lets you combine our products to create additional products. It's revolutionary really. Traditionally, you purchase a specific product for a specific purpose and it can only be used for that one thing. Enter Mixology.

Let's say you need a super hydrating night cream. Just add some Rain to your moisturizer, Clarity, and soak in the moisture while you slumber. Skin feeling dull? Combine Honey Bee with Ashes for a Brightening Face Mask. Honey Bee can also be combined with Sand to create a Plumping Face Polish. You get the idea.

Our collection of skin products are formulated with Mixology in mind. So when you purchase our products, you are actually getting much more than you bargained for.

Purifying Masque

Amazing for acne prone or overly oily skin conditions.


1-2 pumps Purity + quarter size amount of Smudge

Smooth this powerhouse compound over the entire face and neck area using circular motions. Leave it on for 3 minutes (longer is not better). Gently remove with a warm moist washcloth.

Ultra-light Face Moisturizer

Superfoods and powerful oils create a perfect blend for coastal living or summer-time skin.


1-2 pumps Honey Dew + 1 drop of Rain

Apply to freshly cleansed skin using your fingertips in light tapping motions.

Hydrating Night Cream

Add more hydration at night to boost healing and rejuvenation.


A dab of Clarity + 1-2 drops of Rain

Apply to the entire neck and face by resting the hands lightly over the face in a soft caress.

Brightening Face Mask

A power-punch of vitamin C clears, hydrates and smooths - leaving a rosy glow that lasts all day.


A dab of Honey Bee + sprinkle of Ashes

Apply to the entire face and neck area using a light touch. Softly move the blend with your fingertips in small, circular motions. Let it rest on your skin for up to 2 minutes. Remove completely with a warm, moist washcloth.

Face & Body Polish for Glowing Skin

Clear waste and remineralize the skin – revealing a beautiful fresh layer of skin.


A dab of Sand + a sprinkle of Ashes + fresh water

Apply this amazing, fluffy cream using your fingertips and move it in sweeping, circular motions around the entire face and neck area. Let it rest on the skin for a few minutes before gently removing with a warm, moist washcloth.