SYNERGY: A conscious blend of essential oils to create a combined effect of the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We've searched the world over for the most alluring, pure, and vibrant essential oils. We found them in small communities where the creation of every precious oil is a source of pride and quality is held in high regard. Our oils are highly concentrated and powerful, growing practices are always considered, and they are pure and free from toxins.

Each hypnotic botanical perfume is masterfully blended, in small batches, using only the finest ingredients. We've bottled them with loving intentions for your enjoyment.

We offer MINI sizes (over 200 sprays) so that you may fully experience a scent before purchasing a larger size. Regrettably, we are unable to accept full size perfumes for refund or exchange. 

Epoch = Star-crossed
Mojo = Moon Shadow
Wonder = Love Letter



MINI Botanical Perfumes
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SPECIAL: Buy any 2 Perfume Minis & Get 1 Free Please note: Must be added to your cart from this page. Women search the world over for their perfect scent. Now you can try lots of beautiful fragrances without breaking the bank. Our "minis" have over...
Consciously Curated by Organic Bunny The ocean is alluring and strong - like a good man. Organic Bunny curated this scent for her husband, Kyle. He wanted a sexy, fresh scent that reminded him of coastal sunlight and romantic strolls on the beach...
Consciously Curated by Organic Bunny Organic Bunny is as spirited as she is graceful. With a special affinity for soft florals and soulful aromas, she curated this irresistible botanical bouquet. Floral and fruity undertones of rose and champa...
Consciously Curated by Mama Glow You are the beloved one. A goddess that walks lightly on the earth, is nourished by the moon, and blessed by the stars. Whispering notes of rose and coconut soften the heart while the fresh allure of lime awakens...
An Adventure In Authenticity Sometime ago, we fell in love with our dear friend Katie. She is the acclaimed author of book "Let It out" and a talented podcast host where she holds a space for creativity, positive energy, and authenticity. Together, we...
An Adventure in Flirtation You are a mysterious creature, full of light and shadow; a shapeshifter, a seductress. Moon Shadow envelops you in velvety textures of rose and sandalwood. Notes of clove bud and cinnamon linger for a moment, adding a...
An Adventure in Manifestation A fragrance of the night's soul, Dream Catcher's warm embrace holds your wild intuition in harmony with your dreams. Designed for the wild ones, the dreamers, and the change-makers. Sultry notes of frankincense, amber, and...
An Adventure In Obsession The night rules the fate of the star-crossed lovers. Entangled in a web of obsession and pleasure, this fragrance fuses mystical notes of frankincense, amber and myrrh with a seductive layer of jasmine, tangerine and...