Pretty Face Set


9 Skincare Basics / MIXOLOGY Starter Set

Bright, glowing skin is what we do. Our skincare formulas contain an enlivening process which not only acts to beautify the skin, but allows the body's natural systems to absorb nutrients, release toxins and strengthen cellulose fibers for increased elasticity and resilience. This powerful earth medicine quickens the skin's metabolic system to firm and tighten skin tone, smoothing and softening the outer skin layer – leaving a bright, clear complexion.

This set has every thing you need to balance, hydrate, calm, tone, combat breakouts, renew and brighten your complexion. No matter if you are feeling oily, dry, splotchy or need to blast some blemishes, this set will have your skin looking and feeling its best!

We want you to be able to try all our face formulas so that you can find your favorites. The intention is not that you need to use 9 products in your daily routine, but that you learn to work with your skin and listen to its needs. By paying attention to application order and utilizing proper application techniques (yes, every product should be applied in a specific way) your skin will get the most out of these powerful natural ingredients. This set allows you to learn to mix and mingle (MIXOLOGY) your products to get your glow on!

BEAUTY LAB TIP: When switching to a new skincare routine remember to take it slow. We recommend just using 1-2 new products per week and build as your skin becomes accustomed to new ingredients.

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Pretty Face Set Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Pretty face

Posted by Tia on Jan 18th 2018

I haven't actually used this set yet, but I love the packaging and the descriptions and everything about it so far! I have used the honey bee mask before (received it in a goodbeing box) and lost it while I was on vacation, so I decided to look into this company to get it again and wound up getting this set as it's such a good price. I also get an good sized sample of a hair oil that will probably last me at least a month if I use it daily. I'm really excited to try these out tonight!

Pretty face set

Posted by Diane G on Sep 18th 2017

Purchased this to go on a 2 week trip. Couldn't go without my Good Medicine. Sent an email to see approximately how many serving I could get. Cristin responded while on her own vacation.

Mini Bar Perfection

Posted by Barb Vetere on May 19th 2017

This mini bar set gives you an opportunity to sample the skin products. I ended buying the larger containers of everything in the set, I loved everything so much! You will too!

Best Sample Kit Ever

Posted by April on Apr 7th 2017

If you haven't tried this line yet, this is the best way! I have suffered from adult acne for a while and have tried literally everything. Being a licensed esthetician I have access to lots of different lines. A friend of mine told me about Rain and when I went to this site, I looked around a bit and decided to try the sample kit. I'm so happy I did because every product does EXACTLY what it claims to do. It's always scary trying a new line with skin like mine but I took the chance anyway. Now my skin is the softest and brightest it's ever been. My acne is gone and my scars get lighter every day. I have used every combination on the Mixology chart and they all rock. This is now the only line I use. I have since purchased lots of the full sizes not only for face but for body and hair too. I'm keeping my little ones for travel because they are the perfect size. Plenty of product to get a good idea of how it works for your skin. Good Medicine changed my skin!

Mini bar

Posted by Shelby on Feb 27th 2017

I tried this product and my skin has never felt so soft. I have ordered the full sizes and recommend this to everyone.

Perfect Introduction Into Line, Bought Full Sizes

Posted by Bryana on Jan 21st 2017

The Color Me Wise set (now Pretty Face?) was the best value and opportunity to try this skincare line. Initially, I discovered this line while searching for non toxic perfumes. They hooked me with trial sizes of a couple of products in that order, and I had to see if the entire line was as awesome. I received my products December 30, 2016, and so began my obsession with the line and the mixology concept. Cleansers: Ashes in the morning (I have 2 previous reviews on Ashes), Rain in the evening (purchased full size). Rain is the perfect oil cleanser. It removes makeup, moisturizers the skin, is not oily at all and can be combined with Clarity for an amazing overnight moisturizer. Sand actually surprised me because I'm more accustomed to harsh exfoliators. It was gentle but effective and another product that can be used on its own or with others from the line. I bought a full size of Ashes. Honey Bee is just perfection, and I was immediately hooked because it leaves my skin so soft and silky feeling. And yes, I purchased this in a full size. Honey Dew and Starry Eyes took a few tries. Application is key!!! Dab these products as directed, and you will fall in love with both. Full size orders again. Clarity is hands down one of the best moisturizers I've used ever. It is moisturizing but not oily or heavy. This sinks into my skin and leaves zero residue. Makeup application has been so much better. Another full size product purchase. The trial size is also the perfect trial companion. I started using this in the crazy Florida heat and had wondered if it would work in harsh winter conditions. I had the opportunity to test that during a trip to GA. 3 hours of walking in what turned to sleet and snow followed by getting snowed in and playing like a kid outside for hours. Not a single dry patch! This travelled with me like a pro. After hearing about my success with these products, my mom ordered this trial kit also, and she is hooked also. She said her skin is more balanced, even toned, soft and pores are noticeably smaller. Having only used high end and high dollar skincare lines, she could not believe that natural products had rendered better results than any of her previous products.

Color Me Wise skin care set

Posted by Sherre on Jan 12th 2017

This is the most amazing skin care set! I ordered it to try all the products after receiving a sample of Honey Dew serum which I absolutely loved. All the products are great, You receive them in a pretty little bag and they are extra large sample sizes that can easily last for a month. I gave myself a wonderful facial the night I received the products. My skin never looked and felt so good! Looking forward to seeing the results a few weeks from now. Buy this set. You won't be disappointed! Even more amazing is that these skin care products are all natural and cruelty free!

Color me wise

Posted by Jackie on Dec 6th 2016

I have just been able to play with my purchase... I know this is crazy but I felt beautiful after the first use, and then again after the second..I am going to take some pics of myself for comparison... I am also going to order a dear friend of mine the ageless set for Christmas... I can do that cause we have been friends since kindergarten... we are old... so far everything I have used from this company has been fantastic.

Colorful packaging uplifted me before I ever tried the product!

Posted by Jan Tervydis on Nov 24th 2016

What a fun, inspiring collection that actually works and with using mixology the products continue to fascinate and surprise with wonderful results - could not be happier.

Love love love

Posted by Aly on Aug 26th 2016

Every product in this set is amazing. I especially love mixing the Sand and Ashes and following it with the Honey Bee mask. My skin has never felt so amazing.

So happy

Posted by Sarika on Jul 20th 2016

I am very happy with my purchase - love all your products!

Great sample set

Posted by Unknown on Mar 2nd 2016

Love this set for trying each product and for using while I travel!