RAIN / replenishing oil cleanse

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apricot + tamanu + primrose

Forget what you think you know about washing your face. The desert knows a better way. Rain effectively removes makeup, oil, and daily dirt and grime while detoxifying and balancing the skin.  This restorative formula calls upon ancient wisdom to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin with high-powered, phytonutrient-rich plant energy to combat inflammation, bacteria, and microbes. Rain is ideal for all skin conditions; including sensitive, oily, and blemish-prone skin. Freshly falling rain always feels like good medicine.

BEAUTY TIP: Easily remove mascara, eye make up and foundation without drying, irritating or rubbing.

MIXOLOGY BEAUTY BLEND: Add a drop or two of Rain to Clarity Awakening Face Cream for an extra rich, night time recovery cream.

Oil wash regularly to help

  • Balance oil production
  • Clean the deepest layers of skin
  • Regenerate the skin
  • Clear acne
  • Diminish scarring
  • Heal red areas & rough patches
  • Reduce Inflammation

It's Good Medicine

Like a much needed rain, this beautiful blend of deeply hydrating oils, restores brilliant life and color to your complexion. May these gifts from the earth bring your skin to blossom like a rose.

How To Indulge

Gently coat your entire face and throat area in cleansing oils. Using your fingertips, gently massage your skin in soft, circular motions for 30+ seconds to soften the skin and remove dirt, makeup and pollutants. The circular motion combined with the warmth of your fingertips creates a heating action to gently encourage pores to open and release waste. Use a soft dry or warm, moist wash cloth (a personal choice) to remove excess oil. Leave a light layer on your skin for moisture retention. You may choose to repeat with fresh oil if you were wearing makeup.

Enlivened Formula

Sweet Almond Oil
Hypoallergenic, penetrates deep, removes impurities and dead skin, moisturizes, soothes eczema and psoriasis, reduces and treats acne, diminishes appearance of dark circles, reduces appearance of fine lines, smoothes, softens and calms

Apricot Kernel Oil
Lightweight, treats dry skin, softens, smoothes, nourishes, firms, reduces the appearance of fine lines, treats eczema, restores supple tone, cleans, opens blocked pores, treats acne, maintains healthy moisture barrier

Tamanu Oil
Powerful skin regenerator, promotes new healthy cell formation, heals, treats acne, anti-inflammatory, fights free radical damage, reduces fine lines, heals dry skin, soothes irritated skin, evens complexion

Rose Hip Oil
Rejuvenates, nourishes dry skin, hydrates, reduces appearance of age spots, astringent, moisturizing, soothing to irritated skin, defends against cell damage, restores a healthy glow, restores supple texture

Jojoba Oil
Prevents and treats compromised skin, treats acne, absorbs deep, removes impurities and dead skin cells, maintains healthy sebum balance, softens, restores supple tone, treats dry skin, removes impurities and dead skin cells that clog pores

Aloe Vera Oil
Treats inflamed skin and acne, moisturizes, free radical defense, reduces skin irritation, sunscreen properties, penetrates deep for healthy cells

Primrose Oil
Stimulates collagen production, healing, relieves symptoms of eczema and other skin conditions, soothes irritated red skin, moisturizes, softens

Castor Oil
Penetrates deep, softens, hydrates, promotes production of elastin and collagen, reduces appearance of fine lines, treats dry skin, soothing to sun damaged or irritated skin, treats mild acne, controls over active oil production

Argan Oil
Restores balance to sebum production, treats acne, fights free radicals, reduces the appearance of fine lines, treats dry skin, balances skin oil production, soothes sensitive skin, promotes healthy cell metabolism, helps skin maintain moisture, softens, brightens skin tone and softens for a dewy youthful glow.


Carrot Seed
Fights free radicals, restores radiant skin, treats acne, purifies, improves health of damaged skin, detoxifies, stimulates circulation, promotes collagen production

Preservative, promotes healthy moisture barrier, supports collagen production, improves circulation, fights free radicals, heals, treats acne or hormonal skin

Cell regenerating, improves elasticity, stimulating, reduces the appearance of fine lines, moisturizes dry or mature skin, evens skin tone, treats acne, calms eczema

Treats acne, soothes irritated skin, restores radiant skin tone, reduces the appearance of fine lines, firms, tones, promotes cell turnover, regenerates new cells growth

RAIN / replenishing oil cleanse Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

The very BEST!!!

Posted by Theresa Glasscock on May 19th 2018

At first I thought using oil to clean my face was counterintuitive. After three years of trying other natural and not so natural products that would sting my eyes, leave my skin red and irritated I thought to give Rain a try. Rain is the absolute best skin cleanser out there. I am 48 years old, and have multiple issues with my skin:uneven tone, wrinkles, puffy eyes, redness. But after just one week of using Rain (along with Purity toner and Clarity cream) my skin began to heal. I didn't even know it needed to heal! Now I am almost through with my first bottle and redness is almost gone, puffiness gone, and my wrinkles look more appropriate than fatigue induced. I use this to remove the blackest of mascara and glitter eyeshadow and not only does it completely leave no trace, it never stings my eyes. My skin is so naturally healed that I rarely need to exfoliate, and I haven't had to mask for months! The oil cleanser rinses clean and smooth and never leaves a residue. The Purity toner revitalizes, detoxes, and nourishes all at once. The Clarity cream absorbs quickly and is certainly the closer of the trio. I cannot recommended these beauties enough, and I am so grateful that Good Medicine exists. Thank you Ladies! Namaste...


Posted by Wendy Gehring on Apr 11th 2018

This product is a new favorite! I love that it can be cleanser or moisturizer and mixed with other products. Mixology rocks! Smooth, fragrant, feels marvelous on my skin.


Posted by Kim duffy on Jan 5th 2018

I love this! My skin feels soft, not oily and never dry.


Posted by sandra Raymond on Dec 30th 2017

Great for my skin in the dry desert climate.

Amazing Oil Cleanser

Posted by Carmen on Dec 18th 2017

My skin feel so clean and refreshed after using this cleanser. There is only one word to describe it, amazing!

Rain - Great moisturizing cleanser

Posted by Carol on Nov 25th 2017

I have sensitive skin and this product is by far the best cleanser I have found for my skin. It removes all of my makeup from the day leaving my skin soft and moisturized. Plus it has a great combination of oils that produce an awesome smell.


Posted by Diane G on Sep 18th 2017

I use rain as my make up remover. It is nice to use such an effective, clean and natural product on my skin and around my eyes. If I need a little extra moisture, I add it to Clarity.


Posted by Ashlie on Jul 17th 2017

I have dry and sensitive skin so a good cleanser is hard to find. RAIN is perfect for giving my skin the right amount of moisture and I find that my face looks more vibrant and dewy each morning. It is also gentle enough that the oil doesn't clog my pores or give me a reaction. I have really been enjoying using RAIN on my skin.

I keep coming back!

Posted by Johanna on Jun 21st 2017

I first tried this product a couple years ago at the recommendation of Katie Dalebout and I cannot stay away! I have tried so many other oil cleansers and moisturizers (I use it as a nighttime moisturizer sometimes too!) and this one keeps winning out! It is honestly my all time favourite - I hope I can keep buying it forever (and yes its even worth paying shipping and duty to Canada lol) Thank you ladies so much for creating stuff I can feel GREAT about putting on my skin. So much love. :)

Love it!

Posted by KT on May 17th 2017

This is awesome stuff! It doesn't break me out and leaves my skin feeling very clean and moisturized. I am officially on my second bottle lol. I do use it two times only at night-the first I wipe it off with a makeup wipe and the second, I wipe it off with a warm wet washcloth. Great product!! Get it and you won't regret it.

Love to feel rain on my face!

Posted by Becky Cotton on May 14th 2017

Great make-up remover and early morning moisturizer for me!


Posted by Lisa on Apr 30th 2017

So I got a mini of this for free (it was chosen for me) with a purchase I made. Honestly, when I opened it, I wasn't too happy. I wouldn't have chosen this for myself. Um, I am glad that it was chosen for me after using it. IT IS AMAZING!!! While I'm not crazy about the smell, it is so worth getting past the scent because it is the best oil I have ever used. After using it as a cleaning oil and wiping (or showering) off, the moisture remains, and not a heavy moisture. Its honestly just perfect. My skin is always tight and dry when I get out of the shower, which is so annoying. Not anymore. I will 100% be buying a full size of this when I run out. It is clearly worth the money.