SAND / red mineral polish

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yucca + raw honey + vetiver

This beautiful head-to-toe mineral polish uses the ancient cleansing powers of wildharvested yucca root, naturally rich in saponins (natural surfactant and emulsifier) to melt away dead skin cells. Its gentle but effective exfoliation actions tightens and tones, while maintaining the skin's delicate pH balance. Combined with tiny desert crystallized minerals, this vitamin-rich creamy compound reveals smooth, soft, enlivened skin without scratching or damaging cells.

Used regularly, a gentle polish restores your skin's natural resiliency and health by allowing the absorption of moisture, vitamins, minerals and the exchange of oxygen.

Use Regularly To Help

  • Brighten the complexion revealing a healthy glow
  • Soften and unclog pores
  • Clear skin of dead skin cells & bacteria
  • Remineralize the skin
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Moisturize & soften

It's Good Medicine

Crystalline particles of sand, fallen from towering red cliffs high above the desert floor, polish the skin to a smooth, lustrous shine. Yucca Root, used by desert Natives for shimmering, healthy hair, has a lively sudsing action that leaves no dull soapy film nor depletes the precious moisture within.

How To Indulge

Sand is gentle enough to use every day on your face and you entire body. Simply moisten the hands with water and rub them together with a dab of sand, changing the compact cream into a soft, smooth lotion. Brush lightly in gentle circular motions. Rinse until completely removed from the skin.

Enlivened Ingredients

Aqueous tincture of desert sage**, juniper berry**, chaparral**, dandelion*, alfalfa* & yucca root**.  Desert mineral sand**, aloe vera*, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, sodium stearoyl lactylate, xanthan gum, rice powder, vegetable glycerin, cold pressed coconut oil*, wild raw honey**, wasabi extract, vitamin E T-50, CO2 calendula extract*, caprylhydroxamic acid, caprylyl glycol. Pure essential oils and attars of juniper berry, pine needle, cedarwood, lime, lily of the valley, vetiver & rose geranium.

Wildcrafted** Organic*

Essential Oil Blend
Renews a healthy glow, soothes, restores even tone, exfoliates treats acne, soothes eczema, boosts skin's immunity, calms, promotes blood circulation, detoxifies, moisturizes, boosts collagen

Wild Desert Tincture
Boosts cell immunity, strengthens skin integrity, antibacterial agents treat and protect skin from acne, healthy cell support, boosts collagen, treats dryness, improves circulation, brightens, protects from free radical damage, calms, reduces redness, soothes irritated skin, detoxifies, improves circulation, supports healthy cells

Yucca Root
Removes dead skin without effecting skin balance and moisture balance, smoothes, brightens, hydrates, heals, nourishes, unclogs pores, removes dirt and debris

Desert Mineral Sand
Gently exfoliates without damaging skin surface

Aloe Vera
Heals irritated skin, calms, soothes, moisturizes

Rice Powder
Skin conditioner, cell support, improves elasticity, smoothes fine lines, heals

Wild Desert Honey
Powerful Humectant, fights free radicals, treats irritated skin, promotes healthy cell turnover, plumps, calms, rejuvenates, evens skin tone

Wasabi Extract
Boosts skin defense, increases circulation

Rosemary Extract
Promotes healthy moisture barrier, boosts collagen, improves circulation, fights free radicals, heals, treats acne or hormonal skin

Heals, regenerates, soothes eczema and inflammation, hydrates, maintains moisture barrier, smoothes fine lines, protects thinning skin, brightens

Caprylhydroxamic Acid
Preservative. An amino acid (organic compounds that are essential building blocks of life) derived from coconut oil.

Naturally Gluten Free / No Animal Testing / Made In The USA

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Every dude needs to try this...
Written by Joshua on Aug 1st 2017

Shaving your face twice weekly takes a toll on your skin. I like to use an exfoliant after shaving to prevent outbreaks. I've used other products in the past but they were too harsh for my skin and actually did more damage than good. I can use sand every single day with no ill effect. It makes my skin look fresh and is preventing outbreaks. I use the honey mask after and man! I've gotten so many compliments on my skin. I'm loving it.

Miracle in a jar
Written by UKR on Jul 28th 2017

Another incredible product that can be used alone or mixed with their other products. I use Sand everyday and LOVE the results. It's not only done wonders for my face, but the scent has done wonders for my soul.

Written by Lisa on Jun 16th 2017

I use a lactic acid product on my skin sometimes, so I can't use any harsh exfoliators. This stuff is absolutely perfect! I can use it daily without it feeling like its stripping my face. I also sometimes use it on my elbows, hands, etc. Its a really amazing product. And just like all other Good Medicine products, a little goes a long way.

I love this product! Sand!
Written by Becky C. on May 29th 2017

I have been using sand for a few years now. It is part of my morning ritual. I add a teaspoon full to a warm wet washcloth, sprinkle a teaspoon of ashes on top and sprinkle with water from my fingertips. I massage the washcloth until the consistency is creamy. Then, I hold the washcloth to my face and inhale deeply. The scent is heavenly. I then massage my face with the creamy texture and leave it on for a few minutes while I gently scrub the rest of me. A little bit goes a long way. It is my personal slice of morning heaven before heading off for the day!

Gentle But Effective
Written by Bryana on Mar 9th 2017

When I see "gentle but effective" used to describe an exfoliating product, I scoff at the idea that it's a useful product. I became very accustomed to more harsh exfoliants over the years. Even last night, my mind kept telling me that it wasn't going to be exfoliating enough. Alas, Sand continues to prove me wrong. My skin is so soft after using this product- exfoliated and moisturized, not abrasively stripped. The mixology skincare is just in a league of its own.

Red Sand Polish
Written by J Wilson on Feb 14th 2017

I really enjoy using this product. It is very gentle on the skin and washes away easily. I have dry red patches that just appear and this does not seem to irritate them. The amount you receive justifies the price. This will last me a long time. I just use it on my face once or twice a week.

Best exfoliator!
Written by Nina on Jul 29th 2016

I have tired many exfoliators for face and body, but I love this one the best! One thing that stands out is the product itself. It does the job of exfoliating with the sand grains and it also gives you just the right amount of moisturizer all without leaving a huge mess in the shower. I also love mixing it with ashes and water and it becomes a creamy mousse.

gentle exfoliant
Written by MMG on Mar 27th 2016

This is a perfect exfoliant, gentle. Red sand, like taking a swim in the Escalante.

Desert love
Written by PJ on Feb 10th 2016

As the jar is opened, one is immediately awakened by the comforting aroma of earth. The sands, botanical extracts, and honey do an excellent job of soft exfoliation, cleansing, and hydration.

Smooth Operator!
Written by Lacy on Feb 4th 2016

I love to use this product on my face (which is dry upon application to maximize the exfoliating effect). My skin is so smooth after use * the smell is heavenly * and the product leaves no greasy residue, washing completely clean upon removal. LOVE

So Good!
Written by Marta on Oct 23rd 2015

I use this about twice a week. My skin feels like NEW every time I use it. I use to have little bumps on my upper arms, and now they are gone. Best body polisher out there!

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