How To Get That Glowy Summer Skin

Jun 11th 2017

Effortless, glowy summer skin is what we all want. Life in the desert has certainly taught us a thing or two about how to stay fresh and vibrant during the most extreme months. Today we are sharing our top 5 skincare tips to keep your skin fresh and...
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Infused Water Recipes: Power-punch your hydration!

Jun 1st 2017

Staying well hydrated can be tough. We talk a lot about how incredibly important it is to your health, energy level and certainly to the vitality and elasticity of your skin. But if your like me, meeting your daily water quota can often feel diffi...
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Hydration for days: Why desert-born is amazing

Apr 17th 2017

The desert is such a powerful and beautiful place. The plants that grow and thrive in this sometimes extreme environment remind us that we, as women, are free to thrive anywhere and everywhere.  These glorious (and wise) desert plants kn...
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It's a powerhouse product and application is key

Feb 6th 2017

Are you a slap-on-and-rub-in kinda gal? Life gets busy and our mind runs in a million different directions at once, and let's face it, sometimes self care is the thing that get's lowest priority. But if you take a moment to slow down, practice a litt...
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3 Steps To Awaken Your Skin's Natural Processes

Jan 12th 2017

Our knowledge and understanding of how the skin maintains, heals and protects itself has evolved expeditiously. We know that each and every step in our skincare routine is very important for the overall health of the skin and its ability to utilize n...
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Reincarnation Comes In A Jar

Jan 4th 2017

By now, you've figured out that the last thing you want your skin to be is "squeaky" clean. Thank goodness that concept is a thing of the past - where it belongs! In fact, it's almost as though you can measure the disruption of your skins acid man...
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A Big Serving Of Self Love, Covered In Joy Sprinkles

Dec 17th 2016

I call it my "frosty the snow day". This glorious day contains ample portions of the most scrumptious self-love, covered in joy sprinkles... it's delicious!  This divine ritual started many years ago when I found myself completely exhausted be...
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Your Skin Is Smart - Like PhD Smart

Dec 15th 2016

Yoga classes, spiritual retreats, working from home, life coaches – we are always searching for that perfect balance. And while we are on the lookout for that middle ground in our lives, what does balance mean for our skin?  You and your skin...
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Detox Warriors For A Healthy Holiday

Dec 3rd 2016

This year, our family traveled to the the breathtaking winter wonderland of Colorado to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Just before jumping on the plane, I started feeling the aches, the chills the... flu. Desperate for a fast, hard-hit...
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Meet The Women Behind Good Medicine Beauty Lab

Nov 3rd 2016

We are five women that have come together to create something truly special, each contributing our own touch. We compliment each other so well; the result is our wild desert creations. Our inspiration for Good Medicine is the Southwest desert. The de...
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​So your hair is damaged. What now?

Nov 2nd 2016

The good news is that you can drastically improve the look, feel and texture of your damaged hair. The bad news is… well, the damage has been done. But chin up, Babe! There is still major progress and luscious locks to be had. Well formulated ha...
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Taking The Waters

Oct 22nd 2016

Since I was a child, I have practiced the art of "oil bathing". Although I didn't understand the health benefits I was receiving, I knew that it felt and smelled incredible. I always looked forward to a warm, delicious soak in the tub. Before each ba...
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Cozy Up With Our Favorite Fall Scents

Sep 8th 2016

There's something really exciting about letting your fragrance evolve with the seasons. That lively citrus blend is tropical bliss in July, but might feel a little out of place in the crisp fall air. Autumn is a rich, fragrant season thats begs our s...
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Tips For A Graceful Transition Into Autumn

Sep 6th 2016

Autumn brings expansion, contraction and transformation on physical, emotion, and spiritual levels. It brings introspection and the desire to find joy and value in our lives. It's a time for deep reflection – and is the prefect season to “let go” of...
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