15 Minutes To Reconnect To Your Power Place

15 Minutes To Reconnect To Your Power Place

Hello Beautiful. We know you work hard. Maybe you need a little stress relief, maybe you're sore from an intense workout (good for you), and maybe you just need to take a few minutes to reconnect and take care of yourself. We are here for you. That's why we put together this little yoga practice. It's intended to take just 10 to 15 minutes of your time and help remind you to move and stretch and feel.

Begin in Mountain Pose

Reach your fingers into the sky. Plant your feet into the ground, shoulder width apart. Feel solid and strong. Engage your core. Feel like you are wrapping your core muscles around your ribs. Breathe in through your nose and out through your nose. Just be here for a minute. Try to release your worry thoughts. Try to maintain the same breath and clear mind throughout the entire time you're working.

Forward Fold

On an exhale, release down into forward fold. Bend your knees as much as necessary to get your body to your thighs. Continue to breathe. Stay here for a few breaths and feel a nice stretch in your hamstrings. Spread your arms wide to your side as you do an upward swan dive back into mountain pose. Continue this simple sequence at least three times, more if you are really feeling it.

Triangle Pose

This simple variation of a triangle pose, is wonderful for stretching the muscles in the legs and around the knees. So very important, especially if you find yourself running or doing strenuous workouts at the gym. It also helps strengthen core muscles, which is always a good thing. Simply spread your feet a little wider, place both hands on the center of the mat, or perhaps on a block, then lift your right hand to the sky. Reach the left hand to the mat as you reach the right hand to the sky. Twisting the torso as you reach. Maintaining an awesome stretch through the legs.

Sun Salutation

This simple sequence is intended to energize your body and stretch your muscles. It feels oh so good.

1. Start back in Mountain Pose

2. Swan dive into Forward Fold

3. Plant your hands into your mat and step back into a plank pose

4. From plank, come down into a tricep pushup keeping your elbows close to your body (feel free to drop to your knees here)

5. Straighten your arms, leaving your legs low or on the mat, and come into an Upward Dog pose, stretching your abdominals

6. Lift your bum into the air, pushing through your shoulders, and come into Downward Facing Dog

7. Step or hop to the top of your mat and begin the sequence again

Moving through this sequence is beneficial in so many ways. Sore muscles don't stand a chance!

Pigeon Pose

Come back to Downward Facing Dog. Point one leg up in the air (Three-Legged Dog) and bring that knee to your chest and lay that leg on the ground to come into Pigeon. It's like sitting cross-legged but with only one leg, your other leg is straight out behind you. Chest up, fingertips come to the mat. You may also want to bring your hands to Heart Center. Take a few breaths here. Bend forward through the hips to get an amazing stretch in the glutes and hip flexor. You can come to your elbows or get even more sensation by resting your forehead on your mat. Repeat movement on the other side.

Runner's Lunge

Come back into Downward Facing Dog. Then into Three-Legged Dog. Now swing your leg forward, bringing your foot between your hands. Plant it firmly into your mat. Move your foot outward using a heal-toe motion. Place your hand near your other hand and allow your foot to be on the outside of your hands. Your front leg is at a 90 degree angle and your back leg is straight, you are in a deep lunge. Try to push the back of your knee of the straight leg up toward the sky and feel the sensation in the front of your hip. For even more sensation, drop to your elbows, still pushing the back of the knee toward the sky. Repeat on the other side.

Please feel free to do as many repetitions as you like. Add to it. Do more of what feels best. It's entirely up to you! We just want you to take time to stop and breathe. Take care of your beautiful body and it will take care of you.