Cozy Up With Our Favorite Fall Scents

Cozy Up With Our Favorite Fall Scents

There's something really exciting about letting your fragrance evolve with the seasons. That lively citrus blend is tropical bliss in July, but might feel a little out of place in the crisp fall air. Autumn is a rich, fragrant season thats begs our senses to come alive. Crisp air, falling leaves, chimney smoke – autumn is all about romance!

Each of us in the Beauty Lab has a favorite fall scent that calls to our individual spirit. We have listed them below along with their "vibe", to give you a full picture of the seductive power of each fragrance blend. We hope you fall madly in love!


BEAUTY LAB FAV / Cris & Lara

Your delicate and feminine side will love our signature scent, Medicine Woman MOJO. It features whimsical notes of red rose and the soft warmth of Egyptian sandalwood. It's a sexy, smoldering cocktail!

VIBE: Putting on your man's flannel and sipping your favorite red.


BEAUTY LAB FAV / Karen & Whitney

Free Botanical Perfume is simultaneously warm, soft and slightly mysterious. Notes of vanilla, rosewood and blonde tobacco seduce the air before mingling with notes of cinnamon and ginger. Fall personified.

VIBE: Snuggled up by the fire with a hot mug of chai tea.



The bright floral and citrus notes in Epoch are grounded by deep earthy notes of frankincense, amber and myrrh – creating an alluring fragrance perfect for fall. We think it's best described as a "sensual musk".

VIBE: A romantic picnic in a golden, Indian summer field with your sweetie.