Glow Time Rituals

Glow Time Rituals

Posted by Latham Thomas On Apr 24th 2018 In Mama Glow, glow time, self love, rituals, self care

To really transform your self-care experience it’s all about creating sacred space and reclaiming this time for yourself to indulge in optimal wellbeing. Here are some practical tips and tools to help set the tone for an indulgent and affirming experience.

Schedule Self Care

Map out the times you will dedicate to your self-care practice and schedule it into your calendar and protect this time.

Create Sacred Space

Set up your special space so it reflects your intention of peace and calm. Slow Down: We rush through life and we rush through our beautifying routines or cut them out all together. Part of our intention with these enlivened formulas is that you slow down and fully experience your sacred self-care ritual.

Practice Phone Fasting

Turn off all electronic devices so you can be present and grounded in the moment.

Gather The Materials

Whether you need candles, a journal, yoga mat and meditation cushion, found objects from nature: feathers, seashells and crystals as well as smudge sticks: palo santo or sage to support your self care practice.

1 / WOMB MEDITATION: Meditation is a mindfulness practice that helps us to become more present. Use the GODDESS GLOW BLUSHING BODY CREAM and begin to gently rub the belly in a circular motion. Choose to sit up tall or lie flat on your back comfortably in a quiet space. Gently close your eyes. Receive three long, deep, full breaths. Turning your vision inward, receive a deep breath in through the nose and let your internal gaze travel down to your womb. Focus on your breath for 3-5 minutes. Conclude by silently reciting your affirmations and opening your eyes.

2 / HOME HAMMAM: One of the most decadent and nurturing experiences for the body is the traditional Turkish or Moroccan Hammam ritual, where exfoliation and deep cleansing work to purify the body. Sloughing off dead skin cells is achieved by massaging the skin in circular motions to help bring new skin to the surface. Light palo santo and recite your mantra to begin the cleansing ritual by massaging moist skin with SACRED SCRUB DESERT SAND BODY POLISH, then rinse.

3 / FULL MOON BATH: Celebrate the fertile and abundant energy of the full moon. Take an aromatic ROSY GLOW TIME BATH with fresh rose petals bath by candlelight.

4 / FANCY FEET MASK: Our feet do so much for us and we rarely give them attention. Anoint your feet with a moisturizing mask. Apply our ANOINTED LOVE BUTTER to your feet after a shower or bath then slip on some sleep socks to lock in the moisture.

5 / SELF LOVE MASSAGE: After a shower or bath, with firm and intentional touch, rub the GLOW POTION RADIANT BODY OIL into your skin, self- massaging your entire body. Spend extra time with the areas that don’t regularly receive your touch, perhaps your thighs, outer hips, breasts, and belly and recite your love mantra. Self-massage increases circulation, soothes the nervous system, and affirms the body through loving touch.

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