Is slow beauty the key to self love?

Is slow beauty the key to self love?

Posted by Good Medicine Beauty Lab On Oct 5th 2017 In slow beauty, beauty rituals, self love, self care

Look around. Everywhere you look there is a quick and easy solution to any problem. They are plastered on billboards and ever-present internet advertisements. This is especially true in the beauty industry. Sometimes it feels like "they" are whispering from every corner, "You're not good enough the way you are." "You'd look so much better with this injection or procedure." You can go under the knife and "fix" just about anything these days. You can use chemicals, and glue, and who knows what else to "improve" your appearance in the moment. But where does that leave you ten years? Where does it even leave you tomorrow? You have to keep repeating the same cycle, all in an impossible effort to "defy aging" or "appear" healthier. Stop.

Take it slow. 

Beauty is a process not a quick fix. At Good Medicine Beauty Lab we ascribe to the idea of Slow Beauty. It's a movement. It's a way of life. And you won't find it at your local medical spa.

It's about connecting with yourself. Honoring your body. Discovering your beauty on a deeper-than-botox-can-go level. It's about beauty from the inside out, and from the outside in as well. The truth is, who you are affects your beauty. And what you choose to put on your skin affects you internally.

How To Practice Slow Beauty

Start slow (obviously). Simply begin with being more present in your beauty routine. Take a moment to deeply inhale your favorite product before you apply it to your face or body. When you do apply it, be conscious about how it feels on your skin. Think about where the ingredients came from, picture the dew collecting on the desert plants just before they were harvested to make your favorite Good Medicine product. Close your eyes and imagine yourself wandering through the desert at sunrise, your skirt blowing in the breeze. Simply take the time to connect with yourself, with both your body and your spirit. Choose to nourish your skin with products that are actually good for it and not just masking symptoms. Heal your skin. Heal your soul.

Be beautiful, slowly.