Meet The Women Behind Good Medicine Beauty Lab

Meet The Women Behind Good Medicine Beauty Lab

good-medicine-women.jpgWe are five women that have come together to create something truly special, each contributing our own touch. We compliment each other so well; the result is our wild desert creations. Our inspiration for Good Medicine is the Southwest desert. The desert is such a powerful and beautiful place. The plants that grow and thrive in this sometimes extreme climate remind us that we, as women, are free to thrive anywhere and everywhere. That's the beauty and the magic in our line of natural, desert-born products. They are derived from powerful botanicals that thrive in wild desert landscape and we are lucky enough to have the privilege to bottle up the desert and deliver it to women all over the world. We love combining these amazing plants and essences to create wonderfully nourishing products for your skin!


We are a third generation, family company. It all started with the spa movement of the 1960s. The first generation searched the world to find the best way to extract pure botanicals and bottle them in a way that allowed the user to benefit from their remarkable power. This was obviously at a time when "green beauty" was yet to be a thing and virtually all skincare was petroleum, chemical-based -- soulless products.

Now days the green/clean beauty movement is alive and well and we are thrilled to be a part of it. We have learned much over the generations and have been able to pass down incredible knowledge and expertise. Our lab perfectly extracts those same botanicals that the original founders studied and worked with. We take pride in the notion that their vision of creating healthy, natural skincare to women has become a thriving reality. We think that's pretty great.


“World peace one cream at a time.” We joke about this, but somehow it actually resonates. When we feel beautiful; our tolerance, confidence and basic joy becomes infectious. That's powerful.


We consider everything that is important to us and to our customers. From carbon foot print, sustainability, organics, aesthetics, the anatomy of the skin… everything. We also believe the environment in which our products are created in is equally important. That’s why we have created a special place with incredible people. Everyone who works here is completely in love with their job. Even now, after all these years and thousands of batches, we still get excited when we see that incredible sheen that appears towards the end of blending process that signals a job well done.

Our lab, friendship, and workspace embodies passion, laughter, soul and at times courage – to remain true to our roots and not sway with the trends. We laugh, dance and are all creators.


As women of all different ages and skin types, we all have our individual needs, wants and desires. When we begin to formulate we always start with the condition or need and work our way backwards in formulating the solution. We choose carefully and choose locally whenever possible. We wildcraft every desert botanical, which are the base of our formulas, from our local deserts and gravitate towards like-minded suppliers. It’s incredibly important to us that every company who supplies an ingredient share our ethics and high standard of quality.

We have been sourcing essential oils for over 40 years and have learned that oils are products of the communities they are found within. We are very conscious to buy only those oils which are not only the highest quality, are sustainable and support the larger community. We have researched small families in many countries who have been making a single oil and passing their knowledge down to the next generations. We have had the luxury of time to really find the purest and best essential oils the world has to offer.


Over the next year we will be introducing an incredible night cream, botanical body wash, natural deodorants - and one that is totally top secret! Eek!


Be true to yourself. Create a beauty that emanates from within. When we feel this beauty, we are kinder, more tolerant and lighter. We are able to meet life’s challenges in a graceful way.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We are here for, and because of you.


Karen, Cris, Alicia, Lara & Whitney