Mindful You: The shower of now

Mindful You: The shower of now

Posted by Whitney / Partner at Good Medicine Beauty Lab On Aug 8th 2016 In mindful, meditation, bliss, awareness

Showering can be a powerful tool to ground yourself and open up your awareness. It's called "mindful showering", and is a form of meditation. This process is an opportunity to be completely present in the moment, and by using all your senses to reach clarity you can walk through your day fully conscious of the world around you – instead of sinking into the negative chatter in your head that causes you to go into auto pilot.

You Are Now

"Your soul will feel lighter and your spirit will soar with renewed strength."

Next time you are in the shower try to be completely present. Notice the temperature of the water, the smell of your products, the feeling and sound of the water on your skin. Imagine as the water touches the top of your head, it gathers the “clutter” from your mind and sense the release of stress, fears, and negativity flow out of you as the water streams. Let the water run through your hair and down your face, soaking up your anxieties. When it reaches your shoulders, imagine the water collecting all your worries and carrying them away. By the time the water reaches your abdomen it is full of all the thoughts and emotions that weigh you down. That pesky mind-chatter will most likely pop up, and that’s okay. Just acknowledge that it is there and take your awareness back to the water. As it reaches your legs and runs off your toes you can see the grime of negativity being washed down the drain.

You are left with the most beautiful pristine water running down your entire body. Imagine a crystal clear lake, calm as glass or a beautiful beach touching turquoise colored water. Let go of anything else that might be weighing you down, and let the water take it away.

As you exit the shower, feel the softness of your towel and feel it absorb any last remnants of sadness, fear, anger, or worry. Your soul will feel lighter and your spirit will soar with renewed strength. Try and stay in the moment as you go through your day.

The more you practice mindfulness, the easier it becomes to stay here. The point of mindfulness is to free yourself from reactive emotions, letting your mind and body connect in complete awareness. Often times our minds can get into the habit of being stuck in thought, and unaware of the physical side of things. Simply bring your awareness back to the present.

Know that this newly cleansed you is always there, it just picks up a little “dirt” along on the way. Just remember that no matter where you are – You Are Now.