Infused Water Recipes: Power-punch your hydration!

Jun 1st 2017

Staying well hydrated can be tough. We talk a lot about how incredibly important it is to your health, energy level and certainly to the vitality and elasticity of your skin. But if your like me, meeting your daily water quota can often feel diffi...
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Your Skin Is Smart - Like PhD Smart

Dec 15th 2016

Yoga classes, spiritual retreats, working from home, life coaches – we are always searching for that perfect balance. And while we are on the lookout for that middle ground in our lives, what does balance mean for our skin?  You and your skin...
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Toners: A brutal assault or skin-lovin' potion?

Aug 5th 2016

Looking back to my teenage years, memories of the self-inflicted, brutal assault launched on my pubescent acne still haunt me. I was determined to do whatever it took to wipe out the blemishes that had taken up residence on my face. The shelves of th...
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