Toners: A brutal assault or skin-lovin' potion?

Toners: A brutal assault or skin-lovin' potion?

Posted by Alicia, Co-owner at Good Medicine Beauty Lab On Aug 5th 2016 In tonic, healing, acne prone skin, toner, sensitive skin, hydration

Looking back to my teenage years, memories of the self-inflicted, brutal assault launched on my pubescent acne still haunt me. I was determined to do whatever it took to wipe out the blemishes that had taken up residence on my face. The shelves of the local drugstore were filled with an arsenal of “gentle” products meant to support my mission and clear my pimpled young face. The assault lasted for weeks only to end in a pile of tears at the dermatologists office. I will spare you the rest of the story as it is too long and too sad ;) but it suffices to say, I swore off toners and promised they would never again touch my precious face.

Toners of the past have a bad rap, and for good reason. They were often made with harsh ingredients and alcohols and were far from the gentle, nourishing products they have (hopefully) become. I want to flip the toners of the past on their heads and shake out a new idea... “REVIVAL MIST”! 

I want to completely change your mind about the importance of toners in your skin care routine by introducing you to the way these essential formulas should be made, used, why you should love them and show you how to incorporate them into your self love routine.

What It Does

After cleansing, your skin is in an excited state of "releasing". This active state is a beautiful thing, but once finished your skin needs an effective, nourishing toner to quickly cool and calm as well as signal it to STOP releasing and move into a state of “receiving”.

Why We Need It

Toners are the forgotten hero that is left behind when they are actually the key to everything working effectively. The benefits of using a well formulated toner after cleansing and before moisturizing can be seen and felt almost instantly. Skipping this step is cheating your skin of the beneficial ingredients it needs to become healthier and act younger. Without this step, your serums and creams are stopped at the surface level – which is the opposite of what we want.

What's In The Formula

Breeze Revival Mist truly does it all. This incredible wild desert mist quickly tones, revives and refreshes the skin. It restores balance to the skin while delivering nutrient-rich hydration. This is the essence of our wildcrafted desert tincture and is what makes Breeze so amazing. A fluid rich in minerals from desert plant life with natural antibacterial properties, Breeze soothes, cools and calms your skin. Its intense healing qualities combat blemishes and help to clear inflammation (bonus!). Fresh distilled limes and wild desert honey deliver deep, lasting hydration. We love to use it throughout the day to revitalize a tired mind and face.

Wildcrafted Desert Tincture
Cell boosting immunity, strengthens skin integrity, naturally occuring antibacterial agents treat and protect skin from acne, healthy cell support, boosts collagen, treats dryness, improves circulation, brightens, protects from free radical damage, calms, reduces redness, soothes irritated skin, detoxifies, improves circulation, supports healthy cells

Dandelion Leaf
Detoxifies, diminishes free radical damage, treats acne, firms, brightens

Aloe Vera
Calms, soothes, softens

Extract of Organic Lime
Boosts collagen, brightens, treats acne, exfoliates, balances oily skin, reduces dark spots

Wild Desert Honey
Powerful humectant, fights free radicals, treats and soothes irritated skin, promotes healthy cell turnover, plumps, calms, rejuvenates

Apple Cider Vinegar
Treats acne, restores balance, soothes irritated skin, increases skin health and ability to fight environmental issues, assists in delivering hydrating ingredients