Mindful You: The shower of now

Aug 8th 2016

Showering can be a powerful tool to ground yourself and open up your awareness. It's called "mindful showering", and is a form of meditation. This process is an opportunity to be completely present in the moment, and by using all your senses to reach...
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Toners: A brutal assault or skin-lovin' potion?

Aug 5th 2016

Looking back to my teenage years, memories of the self-inflicted, brutal assault launched on my pubescent acne still haunt me. I was determined to do whatever it took to wipe out the blemishes that had taken up residence on my face. The shelves of th...
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15 Minutes To Reconnect To Your Power Place

Jul 20th 2016

Hello Beautiful. We know you work hard. Maybe you need a little stress relief, maybe you're sore from an intense workout (good for you), and maybe you just need to take a few minutes to reconnect and take care of yourself. We are here for you. That's...
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Q & A with a Spirit Junkie

Jul 18th 2016

Meet Stephanie. Wellness Coach, creator of Spirited Well-being and one bright shiny soul! She lives by a code of authenticity and believes in self-care and conscious living. Her approach is a holistic one and she really knows her stuff....
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Blessing On A Bottle

Jul 17th 2016

It's the way we are, the things we love, the people we inspire, the relationships we embrace and our passion that reveal our real beauty. A great big smile, bright eyes and a vibrant glow make us stop, take notice, and remember that we are all con...
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A Hydrating Spa Facial You Can Do At Home

Jul 13th 2016

This simple routine is sure to brighten and hydrate your beautiful face! Each step will awaken your skin's natural aliveness while replenishing the surface, dramatically increasing its moisture barrier, leaving the skin absorbent and able to accept t...
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"Liquid Gold" Turmeric Tea Recipe

Jul 9th 2016

This heavenly blend of coconut milk, honey, turmeric and grass fed butter will delight your senses, relieve your pains and nourish your body! Turmeric tea has been used for centuries due to its highly anti-inflammatory properties and is arguably o...
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The Beautiful Truth

Mar 14th 2016

Last night, I was at dinner with my daughter and a small group of friends. During our meal I started thinking about this next generation and who they are, how they feel and the strong values they have. As I sat back and watched I took notice of how g...
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M I X O L O G Y / Beauty Blends

Jan 13th 2016

9 Core Products / Endless Possibilitiesmix and mingle our core products to make entirely new ones Good Medicine skincare products encourage your body’s natural system of repair and rejuvenation. What does that mean? It means they are designed to...
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