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Yes, these samples sizes are huge. And we love that. We think you will too. Samples that give you one or two uses are a thing of the past. These mini sizes are filled to the brim with luscious earth medicine that will bring you weeks of enjoyment. It's important to us that you really get to know each product and find what works best for you skin. This is your Medicine Bag – indulge!

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2 cleansers, 2 toners, resurfacing mask, detox masque, face cream, eye cream, youth nectar, exfoliant, 2 body creams, 2 body oils, 2 healing balms and hair oil.

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The Whole Shebang Reviews

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Like a Toy Box for Women!!

Posted by Wendy Gehring on Mar 14th 2018

I have not used every item in this package, yet, but I am working on it. So far, I don't like Purity or Radiance, both because of the scent. LOVE Rain!! I can see using this product forever. I like Clarity and Indigo, and I have used Ashes for my face and hair. Mixology is the bomb! These small sizes are perfect. I am excited to keep trying and experimenting. You will not be disappointed if you try The Whole Shebang!!


Posted by Maryann on Oct 9th 2017

I found Good Medicine Beauty lab about 6 months ago. I can honestly say these products have changed my life. This Kit will make you a fan as well. It has everything you need to nurture all parts of your body and mind! There are so many ways to use each product and combinations to choose from. I have been using Ashes, Purity and Clarity every morning and Rain, Honey Bee Mask, Purity and Clarity every evening and for the first time in my life my skin is clear! The products smell fantastic too. Pure and clean. I am in love with the body creams as well and the Muscle Balm is a life saver for neck and back pain. These packages come so beautifully packaged as well and the free gift is always a wonderful surprise. I have used every product in this kit and each has lived up to my expectations. You will be thrilled with this!

Wow! Fantastic Kit!

Posted by Elaine Simms on Jun 1st 2017

My daughter surprised me with this kit & a few other Good Medicine products for Mother's Day for me to discover! This would definitely be a 5 star kit for almost anyone, but I have super sensitive skin (& I'm slightly allergic to potato which is in a a few of Good Medicine's products). After trying all the products several times (so much fun!) including the one(s) with potato, I'm keeping 5 items from the kit (assuming all the items in the kit are in the online kit photo) & sending the rest to my daughter. My fave is Sand, then LOMI LOMI oil & the Honey Blossom Mask. Those 3 products I can see myself wanting to use for life! Just love them! The samples are filled to the brim & will last quite awhile.The other products I am keeping that agree with my sensitive skin are the INDIGO Body Cream & the RADIANCE Body Cream. Two balms were in my order, but don't think they are part of this kit, they are the Joints & Muscle Balm -that's the only product I haven't used yet, and the Anywhere & Everywhere Healing Balm which worked great helping to heal my thumb blister! I really enjoyed trying everything & really wished I could continue using everything in this fantastic kit.