Wild Desert

Close your eyes and picture the desert. Soft, green sagebrush waving in the breeze, warm red sand between your toes and the subtle scent of juniper and chaparral on the wind - reminiscent of recent rains. Now look a little closer. Notice how each beautiful plant grows in it’s own space, free of weeds and other plant-life. These glorious (and wise) desert plants know they need every drop of nourishment that falls from the sky and they have learned over the ages how to concentrate precious vitamins and minerals and guard them beneath their protective outer layer. They easily fend off those who would zap these precious resources by using their innate anti-fungal, antimicrobial and anti-bacterial capabilities. They are capable. They are wise. And so are you. These precious, organic, wild plants transfer their abilities directly to you – to nourish your skin, seal in hydration and protect your precious outer coat.

Their wisdom is now your wisdom.

Made In Small Batches

Expertly Formulated

science + nature

The first generation of Good Medicine searched the world over to find the best way to extract pure botanicals and bottle them in a way that allowed the user to benefit from their power. We all have our individual needs, wants and desires when it comes to skin care. When we begin to formulate we always start with the condition or need and work our way backwards in formulating the solution.

Because our ingredients come from nature, they are easily accessed by your body and work at a cellular level.  Every formula is skillfully developed with actual, visible results in mind. We use powerful wild desert botanicals, pure essential oils and fresh fruits and vegetables in all of our vital formulas. These incredible ingredients contain an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that penetrate deep into your skin creating a soft, clear, supple appearance. Our proprietary Wild Desert Tincture is a formidable agent against free radicals, fungus and bacteria – it quickly brings health and vitality to your skin, improves elasticity, increases circulation, removes waste, protects and heals. The result is vibrant, balanced, radiant skin.

Each formula contains abundant amounts of the ALPHA-HYDROXY chains of fatty acids used to cleanse, reduce inflammation and activate cell renewal in ingredients such as milk, sugar cane, honey and citrus fruits.

Our concentrated formulas are extraordinarily rich in ESSENTIAL MINERALS and are a natural source of VITAMINS A, B, C & E which are useful as antioxidants and potentiate cell renewal and health.

A rich supply of simple glucose composites act as DELIVERY SYSTEM CARRIERS and have the ability to permeate the cellular wall and subcutaneous layers of the skin.

Juniper Berries

Our Wild Desert Tincture

wild + hand-selected

Good Medicine feature extracts of wildcrafted desert botanicals such as larrea (chaparral), wild desert sage and juniper berries. These plants grow in the wild where they are nurtured by sunlight and rain and are neither crossbred, chemically fertilized or even irrigated. They remain free of the harsh chemicals so prevalent in plant life today.
LARREA (CHAPARRAL) / larrea tridentata
Larrea (commonly known as Chaparral or Creosote) has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-protozoan properties. It contains high levels of Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid (NDGA), a very powerful antioxidant. These potent properties eliminate acid-forming microbes that cling to the surface tissues, thus preserving the skin’s natural barrier. It guards against rough patches, lesions, red areas, age spots and inflammatory breakouts.
WILD DESERT SAGE / artemisia tridentata
The foliage of sagebrush is rich in Artimitin, a powerful disinfectant and antiseptic rich in Vitamin C. So rich in Vitamin C in fact, that except for rose hips, there is no greater source found anywhere in North America’s deserts. Sage’s antiseptic and disinfectant properties combine with the antioxidant power of Vitamin C to create a germ-free environment to reduce harmful ions and prevent free radical formation.
UTAH JUNIPER BERRIES / juniperus utahensis
The berries of the Utah Juniper are best known for their antiseptic (elimination of micro-organisms), aromatic, diaphoretic, diuretic (increases cellular fluid exchange) and rubefacient (increased blood circulation) qualities. The combination of these amazing qualities removes unwanted waste and fluids from the underlying tissues when applied topically, reducing puffiness and smoothing lines and wrinkles.

 Rose Hips

We Intend To Tickle Your Soul

beauty blends + pure essences

Because each of our formulas is designed to function in a specific way – separately and in combination with others, we have chosen the essence of certain aromatic plants to further their action. Blending them together actually intensifies their effectiveness. "Mixology" is a new approach to skincare. Seasons change, time passes and we travel and traverse many climates and lands. Good Medicine is made to shift with you. Mixology allows you to combine any of our products to create your perfect skincare regimen.

We have wrapped each product in specific colors because each color stimulates a certain action in our mind and body. Color is much more than a visual concept, it's a frequency, a motion. It’s a way to shift your mood and connect the different facets of ourselves. Each beautifully scented formula is not made of perfumes, but volatile natural essences. They dance and linger on your skin, reminiscent of sunshine and rain. We hope they will bring you an "aire" of delight.