WIND DANCER / Wisdom Set


When we are babes of 25, we can see changes in our skin’s surface. Tiny lines begin to appear as our skin becomes thinner. Although we can’t stop the passing of time, we can care for our skin, make conscious choices and soften the process.

Our skin can prematurely age for a variety of reasons, many of which are preventable with a consistent skincare routine, healthy habits, proper sun exposure, nutrition and hydration. Repairing the moisture barrier is key when attending to damaged and aging skin. We have hand-selected our favorite gentle giants to effectively cleanse, exfoliate, protect and hydrate your delicate skin. These enlivened formulas will make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your lovely skin. 


When You Wake

1 / Cleanse with ASHES
Restores Skin's Natural pH Balance + Plumps & Softens + Deep Cleans without Stripping + Brightens

2 / Exfoliate with SAND
Opens & Unclogs Pores + Clears Dead Skin + Gentle Exfoliation + Remineralizes The Skin

3 / Firm with HONEY DEW
Protects from Environmental Damage + Cools & Soothes Damages Skin + Boosts Collagen + Firms

4 / Protect with CLARITY
Protects from Environmental Damage + Tones & Firms + Moisturizes + Boosts Collagen + Heals Damaged Skin

5 / Hydrate with STARRY EYES
Brightens The Eye Area + Protects + Firm Puffy Eyes + Boosts The Skin's Regenerative Process + Increases Elasticity

Before You Rest

1 / Cleanse with RAIN
Balance The Skin + Deep Cleans + Regenerates The Skin + Diminish Scarring + Heals + Reduces Inflammation

2 / Resurface with HONEY BEE
Deep Hydration + Softens + Reveals Fresh New Cells + Firms + Evens Skin Tone + Smoothes

3 / Moisturize with CLARITY
Cools & Calms + Moisturizes + Boosts Collagen + Reduces Discoloration & Pigmentation + Heals

4 / Repair with HONEY DEW
Reduces Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Discolorations + Stimulates Collagen + Plumps & Softens + Tightens Pores

5 / Rejuvenate with STARRY EYES
Reduces Dark Circles & Puffiness + Diminishes Wrinkles + Boosts Collagen + Strengthens Thinning Skin + Longterm Tightening

WIND DANCER / Wisdom Set Reviews

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Gifted to a Friend

Posted by Wendy Gehring on Mar 14th 2018

I gifted this grouping to a dear friend who also loves skin care and self care and she was ecstatic to receive it. I made sure to give her the mixology book as well. That is so much fun!

Mostly Fabulous! Honey Dew

Posted by Molly on Dec 29th 2017

Wonderful products and my aging skin thanks you! The only thing missing was a toner which the booklet says is an important step. I wonder if the products are less effective without this? The amazing textures and aromas of the various steps are divine and I immediately relax and feel like I’m at a private spa! The Honey Dew is my favorite. Thanks to the wonderful staff.