WONDER by Katie Dalebout

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Botanical Perfume / ODE to LOVE Series

Sometime ago, we fell in love with our dear friend Katie. She is the creator of The Wellness Wonderland, a place rooted in positive energy, moving forward and creating your best self.

Together, we created "Wonder" – a sweet, lush, vibrant fragrance that combines the sensuous floral notes of magnolia with the warm, seductive aromas of coconut and vanilla. 


"I've wanted to be a person with a signature scent for as long as I can remember. I tried everything but nothing screamed 'me' like a signature scent should. I found things that smelled nice sure, but they were all synthetics I didn't love having on my skin on the regular. So when Good Medicine & I decided to team up to create something that was both 100% natural and 100% me I was thrilled, yet nervous. 'What do I know about fragrances?' I thought. I'm sure you're asking that question too. The truth is I'm not a pro but after this process of tirelessly working with the Good Medicine Lab I learned more about essential oils and notes in scents than I even knew existed, the result? A light, sweet, WONDERFUL fragrance I hope we can all wear like a favorite outfit. This fragrance is for us, to remind us of our own natural beauty whenever we forget it's there."

Keep Wondering,


Botanical Blend / Hand-selected Essential Oils

TOP NOTES: Magnolia

Spritzer Base / Ethically sourced, non-toxic artisan alcohol
Roll-on Base / Organic Apricot Oil

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Alright, not my favorite
Written by Anne on Aug 6th 2017

It's alright but it's not what I was expecting. It's not bad though, just not my favorite.

Absolutely Addicted
Written by Casi Selph on Jul 3rd 2016

Wonder is the first natural perfume that I have ever purchased! I am absolutely addicted to this scent! It was a warm vanilla scent and smells so good!

My new favorite
Written by Amanda on Jul 1st 2016

I am skeptical about buying perfume online but I am so glad that I did- this is my new favorite scent and it just makes me so happy every time I wear it. I am ordering another right away!

Best. Perfume. Ever.
Written by Aly B on Apr 20th 2016

I don't even wear perfume. I got this as a gift and I love it beyond anything! I use it before I go to bed because I like to smell it as I go to sleep. Weird? Yes. Amazing? Yes.

Written by undefined on Feb 19th 2016

This is the first all natural non toxic perfume i have actually enjoyed and felt like was a me scent. I love perfume but havnt worn it in quite a long time since most perfumes are filled with nasty synthetic chemicals and i couldnt find a natural perfume i liked. Everything ive tried before this smelled either too herbally, like baby powder, too florally, or just didnt last. This lasts for hours and i have gotten so many compliments on how i smell from both girls and guys (even at the end of the day). I keep getting "you smell good, like coconuts!" I agree is smells exactly like that; sweet coconuts (which i love). I think its the perfect balance between sweet and seductive. I first ordered the try it sample and you get a good amount to really test it out. The sample has a nice spray on it and its the perfect size to carry in your purse. The beautiful perfume bottle is a bonus!

Written by Kim on Dec 7th 2015

I ordered a "try it" of this perfume and was extremely impressed with the size of the sample and the quality of the scent. It is a very balmy suntan lotion type of smell. You get the luscious flowers paired with the earthy coconut husk aroma and it all melds together very smoothly. Great for the summer or anyone wanting to channel their inner surfer girl. For a natural fragrance this is strong but not too strong and lasts a long time.

Pretty, warm, obsessed!
Written by LM on Dec 4th 2015

This is the perfect all-season fragrance. I wasn't sure I liked it when I first sprayed it, but when it settled on my skin I LOVED it!!! It's a warm floral and vanilla that smells even more amazing as it wears. It's such a feminine, happy smell, like an instant mood boost. A major plus that the bottle is beautiful!! I'll be wearing this regularly and it would make a perfect gift.

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