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Made in our lab

Each and every formula is made by hand, with love in our lab. This ensures our products are always fresh, full of vital nutrients and of the highest quality. We use powerful wild desert botanicals, pure essential oils and fresh fruits and vegetables in all of our lively formulas. These incredible ingredients contain an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that penetrate deep into your skin creating a soft, clear, supple appearance.

Our Legacy


Your skin has the ability to care for itself by responding to changes in both your internal and external environments. Although your skin is intelligent, it can still use a little help when it comes to protection and support.
The key is to encourage and strengthen your skin’s natural processes by using products that allow the skin to cleanse, balance, and renew. Through simple changes, you can stop suppressing and interfering with these natural rhythms.


As women we are ever-evolving and constantly shifting. For this reason, each of our products are formulated to be seamlessly fused with any other product in your skincare ritual. This is how we invite you to embrace your endless evolution, intuition, and free spirit.


At Good Medicine Intuitive Skincare we ascribe to the idea of slow beauty. It's a movement. It's a way of life. It's about connecting with yourself. Honoring your body. Discovering yourself on a deeper level. It's about beauty from the inside out, and from the outside in as well.

The truth is, who you are affects your beauty. And what you choose to put on your skin affects you internally.


HONEY DEW Youth Nectar

Seriously the best!

My new fav! I love the way my skin looks and feels, and the smell is amazing! Got my husband using it too. He told me his face feels great and pores seem smaller. He also has acne prone skin and this has seemed to help keep the acne at bay!


CLARITY Awakening Face Cream


What an amazing face cream! Never have I ever used such a moisturizing cream. It actually soaks into your skin, never feeling greasy, and it makes my skin feel so soft! Wish I had found this sooner!

Marcia Milne 

ELECTRIC SKY Universal Elixir


I was worried that this would make my face shiny and oil, but I needed a new serum to try. This stuff is amazing! My skin absorbs it super well, it has made my skin look even, clear, and healthy. I love It and it has become part of my normal routine.

Jasmin Robinson 

LOMI LOMI Luscious Body Oil

Luscious Lomi

I could bath in this oil daily and never get tired of the richness it holds, both in texture and smell. It brings your senses alive while softening and nourishing not only your skin but your energy as well.

Shannon Wu 


The best muscle cream!

Better than icy hot! We looked for a better option than the store brands with cleaner ingredients that actually work and this has worked perfectly! Smells great and really helps relieve pain. A little goes a long way.

Karla Ortiz 

We're Good and it Shows

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