Giving Good Medicine: Intubation Box Fundraiser

A letter from Good Medicine partner, Alicia Overton

Good Medicine is about healing in all realms. Including saving lives and preventing disease. That's why we are partnering with physician, artist, filmmaker, conservationist, and my real-life younger brother, to raise money to create a simple lifesaving device to protect doctors from COVID-19 exposure.

When my brother, Dr. Eric Overton, reached out about help with a project to further protect doctors working on the front lines from exposure, I jumped at the chance. The project: a simple plexiglass box called the Intubation Box. It is an inexpensive, temporary protective device that creates another barrier between the patient and the doctor. Each box costs approximately $160 from start to finish; fabrication to getting them into the hands of needy healthcare professionals.

Perhaps you have been as frustrated as we are with the shortage of personal protective equipment for our beloved frontline healthcare workers. Until now, it has been completely out of your, and our, hands. But now we have an actual, tangible way to make a huge difference for the healthcare workers who are hard at work, risking their own health to care for others who are suffering.

Here's how you can help:

Dr. Eric Overton Collodion Yosemite National Park


PURCHASE A BEAUTIFUL ART PRINT of Dr. Overton's WILD AMERICA photography series ($45-$95) EVERY CENT OF THE PROFITS GO DIRECTLY TO THIS PROJECT. I personally purchased this print (Valley of the Gods #1), as it captures the mystery and power of the desert landscape I call home. Isn't it amazing that in exchange for your efforts to support doctors around the country to stop the spread of this horrific virus you can receive a stunning reminder of our magnificent Mother Earth? As it hangs in your home, after all this is over, it will stand as a reminder of the difference you made in the world, our connection to the landscape, and each other.

Eric Overton Wild America Series

#2. You can also Donate to the GoFundMe and share this information with your friends and family.

Want to see exactly how it works? Here is a short video from the New England Journal of Medicine describing how this simple device saves lives.

Here at Good Medicine, we are privileged to do all we can to help others in this time of need. 

Be well and thank you for spreading love.