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Collection: For Men

Here you will find our most effective and man-friendly products. Each thoughtfully curated formula complements the daily habits and needs of men. From a face cream that delivers the most scrumptious kissable face, to the perfect traveling companion for those long work trips, we've got him covered. We even have an ultra-strength Muscle Balm to help his tired muscles recover after a vigorous workout.

Conceived by women. Simply for men.

  • ASHES / reincarnation cleansing grains
  • PURITY / perfectly clear skin tonic
  • SAND / red mineral polish
  • INDIGO / restoring body cream
  • BREEZE / revival mist
  • THE WEARY TRAVELER / survival kit
  • MANIFEST / face cream for men
  • ODE TO BLUE / botanical cologne by Organic Bunny
  • DAMN HEATHEN / beard wax