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STARDUST Luminous Body Soufflé

A sparkling pink body cream, softly scented with sweet honeysuckle and zesty citrus notes.

What was our Beauty Chef, Karen, thinking when she formulated Stardust, our limited-edition Luminous Body Soufflé? She was imagining herself on her back patio, bathing in the starlight on a magical desert night, surrounded by her beloved honeysuckle plants and freshly watered native grasses. That’s why she scented Stardust with delicate honeysuckle accented with earthy vetiver, she wanted to send a little taste of the desert magic to you, wherever you are.

Karen added just the right amount of mineral dust to this hydrating formula to make your skin dance with light. Wrap yourself in a delicate layer of moisture, gorgeous sparkle, and intoxicating fragrance. Karen wanted to make sure we put this formula in “the big jar” so you would have plenty to last you through each warm, magical Summer night.

Ingredients: Aqueous infusion of desert sage**, juniper berry** chaparral**, dandelion*, alfalfa*. Olive oil*, aloe vera juice*, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, sodium stearoyl lactylate, cetyl alcohol, rice powder, sugar cane*, vegetable glycerin*, cold pressed coconut oil*, CO2 calendula extract*, wild raw honey, wasabi extract, vitamin E T-50, vitamin B3, caprylhydroxamic acid, caprylyl glycol. Honeysuckle attar, lemon EO, lemongrass EO, ginger EO, vetiver EO, peppermint EO, cinnamon EO. May contain ethically-sourced mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, and manganese violet.
*organic **wildcrafted


We are women who know what we want. When we set out to create a line of clean, luxury skincare formulas SIZE was a top priority. Because yes, size matters. We want our customers to feel pampered, unlimited, and connected to our products. This is why we create highly-concentrated formulas (a little goes a long way) but we don't stop there. We strive to surpass standard sizes you have become accustomed to.

We feel like beauty industry standard sizes just aren't good enough. Our full-size facial formulas are usually twice the standard size. Our Deluxe Minis last for 2-3 weeks rather than a single-use sample that you find at the beauty counters. So go ahead, there is plenty in each bottle to treat yourself like the goddess you are.

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