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Collection: The Ritual Beauty Collection

Mama Glow + Good Medicine

"Self-care is a pathway to empowerment. Taking time to slow down and love yourself is an act of divine sustainability and preservation of your wellbeing. This is an invitation to mother yourself."

- Latham Thomas, Mama Glow

An inspired ritual collaboration between Good Medicine & Mama Glow designed to nourish, uplift & restore.

This essential self-care line is handcrafted and the signature scent is made from a proprietary essential oil blend. The desert grows plants that are extremely resilient and potent with volatile oils, producing a highly effective product. There is love and intention sealed into every jar. These products are for all women at every life stage.

We welcome you to slow down and celebrate your self-care. Enjoy!


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  • GLOW POTION / radiant body oil
  • GODDESS GLOW / blushing body cream
  • ANOINTED / love butter
  • Ritual Beauty Collection / minis
  • ROSY GLOW TIME / pink bath botanicals
  • SACRED SCRUB / desert sand body polish
  • BELOVED / botanical perfume by Mama Glow
  • Glow Time Collection
  • Divinity Collection