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ASHES Reincarnation Cleansing Grains


50+ Trace Mineral Sea Salts, Geranium & Potato Powder

Skin born anew. These lively cleansing grains burst and bubble as they rid the skin of dirt, daily pollution, and bacteria. Activated by fresh water, Ashes warm and tingle as they work their magic to fade age spots, discoloration, and calm redness. Regain the skin's natural elasticity and luminosity, stimulate healing, and reduce inflammation. Like the phoenix from the ashes, your skin is born again.


  • Use it with your favorite shampoo to revitalize, heal and nourish your scalp. Pour your normal amount of shampoo into your palm and sprinkle Ashes on top. Add water until you have a wonderful foaming mixture. Wash hair and let mixture rest for a few minutes before rinsing completely.
  • Our favorite way to clear age spots and ease redness? Sprinkle a little Ashes over Clarity Awakening Face Cream – add a little water to create a mousse-like face mask. Apply to the entire face and relax for 10 minutes. Rinse completely.

Use Regularly To Help

  • Restore skin's natural pH balance
  • Plump, brighten and soften the skin
  • Remineralize skin for increased hydration
  • Diminish age spots and discolorations
  • Protect against premature aging and skin damage
  • Increase cellular metabolism
  • Encourage collagen production

It's Good Medicine

Ashes are symbolic of life reduced to its simplest form — purity — and as such are part of the Sacred Ways of the Native American Cultures. Soaps were first discovered when ashes were combined with oil. Our ashes are a reduced form of potato and other mineralized essences.

How To Indulge

Dust your palms lightly with Ashes, then add water to the hands. As the grains burst and bubble, rub your hands together several times, and, like magic the cleansing powder becomes a silky liquid. A warm, tingling sensation should be expected as the Vitamin C is activated by adding water to the dry powder. If the solution feels sticky, add a little water until it glides smoothly over your skin. Before rinsing away, let it rest on the skin for a moment to complete the cleansing action.

Enlivened Formula

Potato powder*, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid (sugar derived), 50+ trace mineral sea salts, coconut milk*, sugar cane*. Juniper berry EO, lily of the valley attar, cedarwood EO, lime EO, fir EO, geranium EO, vetiver EO.

EO: Essential Oil

Essential Oil Blend
Renews a healthy glow, soothes, restores even tone, exfoliates, treats acne, soothes eczema, boosts skin's immunity, calms, promotes blood circulation, detoxifies, moisturizes, boosts collagen

Powdered Potato
Protects from free radical damage (antioxidant), boosts collagen, improves elasticity, cleans, mild exfoliation, plumps, treats and clears blemishes, brightens, softens, maintains balanced skin, moisturizing

Brightens, promotes cell turnover, controls overactive oil production

Coconut Milk
Rich in antioxidants and minerals, soothes dry skin, calms stressed skin, moisturizes, dissolves sebum and releases dead skin cells stuck in pores, assists in maintaining moisture, boosts skin elasticity, helps combat free radicals.

Trace Minerals
Heals, treats acne, soothes irritated skin, protects, calms, softens

Vegan / Naturally Gluten Free / No Animal Testing / Made In The USA

We are women who know what we want. When we set out to create a line of clean, luxury skincare formulas SIZE was a top priority. Because yes, size matters. We want our customers to feel pampered, unlimited, and connected to our products. This is why we create highly-concentrated formulas (a little goes a long way) but we don't stop there. We strive to surpass standard sizes you have become accustomed to.

We feel like beauty industry standard sizes just aren't good enough. Our full-size facial formulas are usually twice the standard size. Our Deluxe Minis last for 2-3 weeks rather than a single-use sample that you find at the beauty counters. So go ahead, there is plenty in each bottle to treat yourself like the goddess you are.

Customer Reviews

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Everything I’ve been needing

This stuff is AMAZING! My skin is sensitive and goes through days of smoothness and other days of breakouts and irritation. Ashes dampens, if not completely gets rid of, irritation and is super gentle, but gets the job done and leaves my skin super soft and moisturized afterwards!

Stellar cleanser

I first started using this cleanser back in 2015 (2016?) when the label was green, after being given a sample by someone I nannied for. I absolutely fell in love with it then! Honestly, I can't remember why I stopped using it, but I recently found GMBL once again, and could not wait to order this.

I'm an RN, and wearing an n95 mask constantly has been really tough on my skin - at 26, I'm dealing with cystic acne for the first time ever, and have been looking for skincare that would address this, without irritating my already sensitive skin. I also purchased clarity (another old favorite!) and Electric Sky - this combination of products has been amazing. I don't love the smell, which I've always attributed to the powdered potato, but it's okay! The effect on my skin is worth it, and I do love the way the grains feel while cleansing.

The only suggestion I have to improve this product is to bring back the little wooden spoon that used to come attached to the jar! I loved the ritual of scooping the product, and found it to be really helpful in reducing spillage and wasting of the grains. Other than that, I still love Ashes as much as I did when I first used it, and it has rescued my skin, much to my amazement.


Ashes is honestly one of the coolest products I've ever used! I love mixing it with Purity to make a silky, skin-rejuvenating cleanser. I love activating it and watching it bubble. It makes my skin feel so soft and clear. It's also been really helping heal/fade my acne scarring.

Love !

First of all, I am addicted to the scent of Ashes.

Second of all, the powder when it comes into contact with water, becomes the most luxurious silky cleanser for the face, and doesn't sting the eyes at all.

Finally, it leaves the face very clean, very soft and no tightness whatsoever.

Love it!!!


I've struggled with acne and my skin looking dull since I've been a teenager. I am so glad that I found out about Good Medicine Beauty Lab! I am obsessed with their products! I've been using Ashes for a month and my skin is GLOWING! Best skincare routine that I've had and believe me....I've tried EVERYTHING!

Customer Reviews

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