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Good Medicine

Free Bird / Botanical Perfume

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An Adventure in Creation

This fragrance is meant for the wild spirit, the wanderer, and the independent thinker. Transform your energy into creation. Blonde tobacco and vanilla represent the sweet nature when freedom and creativity meet. Inhale the smoked leather scent of buddahwood and the heady notes of amber topped with jasmine flower. Unleash the fire of your untamed soul.


Mood: Expressive imagination

TOP NOTES: Rosewood
HEART NOTES: Buddahwood, Cinnamon, and Jasmine
BASE NOTES: Amber, Vanilla, Vetivert, and Blonde Tobacco

Spritzer Base: Artisan alcohol
Roll-on Base: Sweet almond oil

Free Bird / Botanical Perfume
Free Bird / Botanical Perfume
Free Bird / Botanical Perfume
Free Bird / Botanical Perfume

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dulce DeMorais
Love at first smell

I stopped at the GOOD MEDICINE store in St. George, Utah by chance while visiting a friend.
I make my own skincare products, as I am a certified Natural & Organic Skincare formulator, AND NEVER buy any other products.
Well, the name FREE BIRD caught my attention, therefore I decided to try it. Needless to say, FREE BIRD instantly stole my heart and senses. It takes me soaring through the mountains in the West!!!

Beautiful fragrance

This natural blend features a subtly sweet, floral rosewood opening that transitions into a heart of Buddha wood, cinnamon, and a touch of intoxicating jasmine. These notes create a warm, resinous, and spicy facet. The base of amber, vanilla, vetiver, and blonde tobacco provides a grounding, comforting finish. Overall, Free Bird offers a natural, earthy fragrance ideal for moments of quiet contemplation.

Smells Delicious!

I purchased the small spray using my freebie code they gave me. As soon as I received the package I opened it and sprayed one spray on my arm and WOW! It is a warm vanilla amber scent with the lovely slightly earthy aroma of the blonde tobacco. My husband says it makes me smell like a warm vanilla cupcake so he likes it too! As for the staying power, the scent lasted and I did not have to reapply once during the day. I have tried many natural perfumes made from essential oils and they didn't even come close to this. Highly recommend! also, no headaches!

Love almost as much as Dreamcatcher

The name of the perfume was enough for me to try this. Love it! I can't even describe the scent besides I love it. It's not overpowering which many perfumes are to me. But not good medicine's scents. It has a slight manly scent. Which i prefer over extremely sweet scents.