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Pretty Face Set

Pretty Face Set

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10 Skincare Basics / MIXOLOGY Starter Set

Bright, glowing skin is what we do. Our skincare formulas contain an enlivening process which not only acts to beautify the skin, but allows the body's natural systems to absorb nutrients, release toxins and strengthen cellulose fibers for increased elasticity and resilience. This powerful earth medicine quickens the skin's metabolic system to firm and tighten skin tone, smoothing and softening the outer skin layer – leaving a bright, clear complexion.

This set has every thing you need to balance, hydrate, calm, tone, combat breakouts, renew and brighten your complexion. No matter if you are feeling oily, dry, splotchy or need to blast some blemishes, this set will have your skin looking and feeling its best!

We want you to be able to try all our face formulas so that you can find your favorites. The intention is not that you need to use 9 products in your daily routine, but that you learn to work with your skin and listen to its needs. By paying attention to application order and utilizing proper application techniques (yes, every product should be applied in a specific way) your skin will get the most out of these powerful natural ingredients. This set allows you to learn to mix and mingle (MIXOLOGY) your products to get your glow on!

BEAUTY LAB TIP: When switching to a new skincare routine remember to take it slow. We recommend just using 1-2 new products per week and build as your skin becomes accustomed to new ingredients.


STEP 1: Release

  • RAIN Replenishing Oil Wash
  • ASHES Reincarnation Cleansing Grains
  • SAND Red Mineral Polish

STEP 2: Restore

  • BREEZE Revival Mist
  • PURITY Perfectly Clear Skin Tonic
  • HONEY BEE Blossoming Revelation Mask
  • SMUDGE Spirited Detox Masque

STEP 3: Receive

  • CLARITY Awakening Face Cream
  • HONEY DEW Youth Serum
  • STARRY EYES Brightening Eye Cream

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