5 Tips for Calming Irritated Skin

One of the biggest struggles we encounter with our skin is when it’s simply... unhappy. Whether it’s due to using unhealthy beauty products, environmental damage (such as sun exposure), or having acne-prone or sensitive skin, almost always we will have a time where we struggle with irritation, redness, soreness, or the ever-dreaded breakouts. Even though irritation can sometimes be unavoidable, there are measures you can take to prevent breakouts, reduce inflammation, and heal irritated skin!

  1. Cold Pack or Wet Cloth – When needing to relieve pain or itchiness of the skin, applying a cold, wet cloth to the affected area can provide instant relief. A cold pack/ice pack can be used as well, however a cloth is more malleable and can be applied more comfortably to the entire face. Use cold cloth and packs for five to ten minutes, let rest, and reassess how your skin feels.
  2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! – Our skin is our largest organ, and therefore needs tender care and love from us to keep it looking and feeling healthy, youthful, and radiant! Moisturizing is one of the top ways to ensure the skin’s health. It’s best to do so after a shower, shaving, or exfoliating. Hot showers tend to strip the body of natural oils, leaving it dry and ready to be replenished with a good moisturizer! We recommend, RADIANCE Enlivening Body Cream for nourishing your whole body, and CLARITY Awakening Face Cream to protect your delicate facial skin! 
  3. Gentle Cleanser – Using a gentle, safe cleanser is important as many soaps contain harsh chemicals that strip natural oils from your skin. We recommend using RAIN Replenishing Oil Cleanser. RAIN is a cleanser we have formulated with natural, healthy ingredients that clear away grime and dirt, but help to combat inflammation and irritation with high-powered, phytonutrient-rich plant energy right in the ingredients. It is an ideal cleanser for all skin types, including sensitive and blemish-prone!
  4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! – The one tip you probably have heard consistently… because it’s true! All parts of our bodies benefit from hydration. Water is the magical liquid that keeps us healthy, keeps us going, and keeps our body ready to fight of bacteria, illness, and dryness! When you drink enough water daily (about 11.5 cups for women, 15.5 cups for men), your body is better equipped and able to keep your skin moisturized and youthful with the body’s natural moisturizing oils.
  5. Sunscreen – Another cautionary tale that we typically hear from a young age and our first experiences with wearing white dolloped noses at the beach! And like the prior, the advice to protect yourself from the sun is also very, very true! Sun exposure leads to an array of issues including skin discoloration, signs of aging, increased risks of skin cancer, and of course sunburn. To help guard your skin against the sun’s harmful rays, choosing a healthy sunscreen can make a world of difference. If you have yet to find a sunscreen you love, a simple sun hat and umbrella can help as well!