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How This New York Doula Gets Her Skin So Good

With that job description, it’s not a surprise that Thomas has a dreamy hippie skin-care routine. She also believes in maintaining daily routines outside the bathroom. “Creating your own ritual practice is easy,” Thomas told the Cut. “Start with identifying what brings you serenity each day. Treat yourself to a moment of silence; curiosity seeds your consciousness when the mind can be still.”

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Self-care isn't about material things, it's a state of mind. But certain moments can feel even more special with the right combination of essential oils, luxurious butters and scents of relaxation. Latham Thomas, wellness maven, beloved doula and founder of Mama Glow, has put together a product line that's the perfect companion to your self-care practices. She created a collection of five products for women (moms, single ladies, kids — anyone can use this line!) that come with a Ritual Guide to Glow Time booklet too with suggestions on how to use the products and some new self-care rituals to indulge in.

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Mama Glow Launches Self-Care Products To Help Mamas Glow and Slow Down

“The vision wasn’t just about creating products. It was about inviting women to celebrate themselves and step into self-care as a practice,” says Thomas. “The goal is to transform behavior. We really don’t want women to think, ‘I’m going to hurry up, lather this on my skin and get out the door.’ I want to help people get back to the practices my grandmother did. I would watch her brush her hair and braid it at night, and carefully put cream on her skin. When she passed away, her skin was smoother than mine. The older generations did things we just don’t do anymore, and we should.”

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Alicia Overton of Good Medicine

The co-owner (one of five women!) of the desert-born botanical skincare brand on the best oil and butter to use, and why you shouldn’t underestimate your skin’s intelligence.

"From the high Tibetan plateau to the gold leaf making factories of Kyoto, we travel to the wild deserts of Southern Utah and into the Good Medicine Beauty Lab; where wild botanicals are blended with essential oils, fruits and vegetables into artisanal formulations.

Led by five women — Karen Hudson, Cris Coombs, Alicia Overton, Lara Wright and Whitney Dunn — the third generation family company stepped into the world of naturals and clean beauty before it was even a thing back in the 1960s. Nurtured by extreme climates, sunlight and rain, botanicals like juniper berries and larrea were plucked and gathered by hand, then brought home to undergo extraction and bottling. The idea was to transfer these plants’ ability to thrive in intense conditions to skincare solutions..." Read The Article

5 All-natural Face Masks That Will Give You Your Best Winter Skin - Ever Posted by Nitika Chopra

"As a beauty blogger and skin-care expert on TV, I’ve tried my fair share of products (trust me)—which means that I’ve done the dirty work and have figured out which ingredients actually work wonders.

So, don’t wait until spring to slough off those dry skin cells—these five all-natural face masks will bring you back to your brightest, most radiant-skinned self. Yes, even on the grayest January day..."

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Sunday Spotlight Good Medicine Beauty Lab Posted by Jana

"Five women, inspired by the Southwestern desert and all that inhabits it, created a line of pure & natural beauty products that have now become a staple in my everyday beauty routine. Some are used to cleanse, some to nourish, and others just to enjoy..."

How A Wellness Maven (And Mama) Keeps Her Skin Glowing Posted by Latham Thomas

"As a mother myself now, wellness maven, and trusted lifestyle guide, I am constantly exploring the best products out there to share with my community and our mamas at Mama Glow, the maternity lifestyle company and Web destination I founded. Clean living doesn’t just mean eating well; it’s also what you put on your body that matters just as much as what you put in your body...." Read The Review


My Favourite Summer Beauty Essentials For Healthy Glowing Skin Posted by Sarah
"When it comes to healthy and glowing skin, there is no doubt that adequate nutrition is primordial. However, there are a few other factors to consider as well. What you put on your skin, for example, is just as important if you want to avoid intoxicating your body from the outside in (more on that: here). Besides, in the summer time, given how strong the sun can get in certain parts of the world, it becomes even more essential to protect and nurture your skin. Hence the topic of today’s post: my favourite summer beauty essentials for a healthy & glowing skin...." Read The Article


Good Medicine Beauty Lab Posted by Sammie
"One of the first things I notice about skincare is their scent. Their products smell SO GOOD. They have a sort of warm, somewhat masculine, herbal scent. They really are created uniquely! Their ingredients stand out from any other skincare products I’ve come across..." Read The Review


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The Good Medicine Posted by Tazia
"My skin is so temperamental. It’ll be oily then it’ll be too dry. These products have changed my freaking life! My absolute favorite combo for my skin has been the honey mask and ashes cleansing grains. I use this combo every day..." Read The Review


A Little Good Medicine Posted by Morgan

"This is one of the best oil cleansers I've come across. It takes off all your makeup without leaving behind any greasy residue, instead cleansing your skin and leaving it feeling all kinds of hydrated. Not much more I could ask for from an oil cleanser..." Read The Review


It's Time For Some Good Medicine: Posted by Stephanie
"I love sharing all things wellness with you and right now I am loving the lotions and potions from Good Medicine Beauty Lab. They sent me an amazing box o’goodies a few weeks ago and it was love at first sight (and smell)..." Read The Review


Pamper, Protect & Restore Your Skin: Posted by Trisha
"First up, is this amazing Ashes cleanser from Good Medicine. At first glance, I thought this cleanser would be like other grain-like cleansers I’ve used in the past, but it isn’t. These grains, when wet, bubble, fizz, and thicken to create a moisturizing cleanser. When it first touched my skin..." Read The Review