A Guide to Your Skin Mood

A Guide to Your Skin Mood

Knowing your skin mood is not only a part of effective skincare, but it also accomplishes your goals of beauty and skincare.


How do you design an effective skincare routine if you are unable to comprehend the signs your skin is exhibiting? Don’t worry. Good Medicine Beauty Lab has created a comprehensive skin mood guide to help you identify different skin types.

Your Skin Mood Guide from Good Medicine Beauty Lab 

  • Dry Skin

  • Realize that your skin is struggling with dryness when you notice rough patches and flaky or peeling skin. Your skin might exhibit signs of dryness in the form of red spots, roughness, and fine lines. While you may think that your skin gets dry only due to moisture loss, it is the deterioration of your skin’s moisture barriers.

    Therefore, consider avoiding harsh exfoliations and extreme cleansers that can severely drain your skin of its water retention and moisture content. Good Medicine Beauty Lab offers you Breeze Revival Mist that helps maintain smooth, bright, and soft skin.  

  • Acne-Prone

  • If you often develop red and irritated spots on your face, it becomes crucial for you to pay strict attention to your skin mood. Acne-prone skin exhibits oily, dry, or shiny textures along with red blemishes.

    It is the extensive oil buildup in your skin pores that lead to clogs. Consequently, your skin struggles with dead skin cells, dirt, or germ accumulation. However, Good Medicine Beauty Lab’s Purity Perfectly Clear Tonic is the best remedy for acne-prone skin. The tonic combines the best botanical harvest to regulate acne flares and counter excessive oil buildup.

  • Maturing Skin

  • If there are wrinkles and volume loss, your skin is swinging towards maturity. Despite this, there are actions of self-love and care that can restore your skin’s freshness.

    Simply, work to find a balance between healthy skincare habits along with adequate nutritional care. Good Medicine Beauty Lab brings to you Honey Dew Youth Nectar that replaces face cream and moisturizer. It effectively regulates antioxidants and keeps your skin hydrated to preserve its freshness.

  • Sensitive Skin

  • Sensitive skin is reactive to overwork (skincare routines and treatments). Red skin tone and red spot flare-ups remain major concerns for people with sensitive skin. Identify other signs as burning sensations and irritated skin patches. Your sensitive skin requires you to find a path of balance between skincare and skin restoration.

    Let the skin breathe and cool so that it can go back to its natural state. Blend the Rain Replenishing Oil Cleanser with a few drops of Clarity Awakening Face Cream to start your skin’s recovery from severe sensitivity.


    Learning your skin mood can help you improve your skincare routine and find the solutions to its problems. So, in order to benefit from Good Medicine Beauty Lab’s skincare products, visit our official website. Give us a call at 435-656-5240 or visit our contact us page to get in touch with our experts today.

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