Aloe Vera: Treasure of the Desert

Aloe Vera: Treasure of the Desert

Aloe Vera is one of the most nourishing plants the desert has to offer. This is because it is highly anti-inflammatory, bursting with antioxidants, enzymes, and Vitamin A and C. All good things that your skin loves and craves. 

Growing up, my mom was quick to say, "Put some aloe on it." We had aloe plants or leaves around the house at all times. Burn yourself on the stove -- aloe! Got a zit -- aloe! Get your heart broken by that cute boy from third period -- aloe! Turns out, mom wasn't crazy (at least not about the benefits of aloe).

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Some of the traditional benefits of aloe vera for skin are treating sunburns and skin irritations, and increasing hydration. These are all great, but the benefits go way beyond those. Aloe fights acne with its antibacterial properties and salicylic acid. It stimulates fybroblast activity which stimulates collagen production, resulting in more elastic skin. Aloe vera actually prevents tyrosinase, the enzyme that causes skin discoloration and helps you avoid hyperpigmentation and sun damage. The antioxidants within aloe can also help reduce sun damage that has already occurred.

Here at the lab, aloe is one of the ingredients we us a lot of. It's probably in some of your favorite products. Why? Because the desert, in its wisdom, gifted us with one of the most healing and affective ingredients on the planet. Call us old-fashioned, desert-dwelling, nature-worshiping, crazies, but we believe that the most beneficial elements available are those that grow from the earth, not those that are concocted artificially.


The desert lays its treasures open before us and we use aloe in our formulas to calm, soothe, heal, hydrate and soften the skin. When expertly combined with numerous other desert-born aloe offers all the healing magic the desert has to offer.

So, "Put some aloe on it!"

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