Are You Letting Yourself Go?

We get it. When was the last time you were seen in actual public anyway? It's only natural to retreat a little, binge a little, let everything slide a little. But ask yourself... who do I want to be when this is all over? Right now it seems like the situation is never-ending. It's hard to imagine going back to your real life. But this too will pass. And where will you be, who will you be, when it does. 

Here's the good news, you get to decide. 

As owners and employees of a skincare business you might think we are dedicated to our self-care rituals and and most of time we are. But these are unusual circumstances, and our emotions are a bit scatted, throwing us off our best game. Here are a few things that we have been experiencing and struggling with ourselves, and we thought you might be able to relate. Let's help each other.

Self-care oil cleansing

The face-wash struggle

Alicia hasn't been wearing any makeup at all lately and she's noticed that she's forgetting to wash her face which has led to small breakouts that she hasn't experienced in ages. Silly girl.  Even if you never wear makeup, your skin still needs to be cleansed morning and night. Don't forget about environmental pollutants, dead skin cells, sweat, and icky microbes. Plus, your other skincare becomes less effective because it can penetrate the layer of yuck on your face. And don't you just feel so much better with fresh skin? Alicia's favorite, hydrating cleansing blend is a mixture of Honey Bee Revelation Mask and Ashes Reincarnation Cleansing Grains. This blend is super easy to make and instantly refreshes, brightens, and plumps the skin. For Karen, her day doesn't start or end without a ritual oil cleanse.

Yoga for self care

The fitness motivation depletion

This has been the case for Aly for sure! Even the most enthusiastic fitness enthusiasts can struggle with motivation to be active and workout during stressful times. So she's trying be kind and compassionate with herself and understand that her reluctance is normal. What works for Aly is just forcing herself to do and keeping in mind, that no one ever said, "Dang, I really regret that workout." This approach doesn't work for Karen AT ALL, she simply can't force herself to do a regimented workout, that's ok. Try something new, make it fun. What's working for Karen is long walks in the desert. Now is a great time for online workouts too. Alicia loves She loves the instructors and you can do a free 14-day trial. If you're looking for a little more cardio and strength training, like Aly loves, try following @CleanSimpleEats on Instagram for free workouts.

Selfcare eating healthy

The Maybe-if-I-Stuff-my-Face-with-Everything Conundrum

Whitney, like many people right now, is working from home... and the kitchen is right there! All of us here have actually noticed this phenomenon. Whitney has decided to focus on feeding her soul, and indulging in things like "mask mediation" – we just invented it! She swears that putting on Honey Bee Revelation Mask and mediation for 10 minutes works wonders for her sweet cravings. Aly is focusing on nutrition. She finds that if her body gets all the nutrition it needs, she experiences less desire for emotional eating. 

We love helping you be the best version of yourself through intuitive self care. We love the idea of coming out on the other side of this as improved individuals. And we support all of you with love, compassion, and understanding as we all just do our best. XOXO

Much love, 
Alicia, Karen, Whitney, & Aly