Ashes: Several Ways to Use One Power-House Product

The most incredible thing about Good Medicine, is how seamlessly our products blend together to create whole new healing formulas. You are the formulator. We could choose to create hundreds of products, one for every use under the sun, but instead, we create a handful of power-house products that work together to heal virtually any skin issue. Ashes is one of those power-house products, and it certainly blends seamlessly with several of our other products to create a formula just right for you.

There are several highly effective ways to use Ashes Reincarnation Cleansing Grains in your skincare routines. We created this 6-minute video to show you how.

Ashes + Water

This is the most basic way to use Ashes. Vitamin C treatments are all the rage for skincare. But the problem with the plethora of serums and other products on the market is that once Vitamin C comes in contact with water, it immediately begins to degrade. That's why our Ashes is in a powder form. So you get a potent, fresh dose of Vitamin C with every application. To use: place a dime size amount of Ashes in a small bowl or the palm of your hand. Add a few drops of water to the Ashes. Mix with your finger. The mixture should bubble and have a silky smooth texture.

Ashes + Honey Bee

Use this mixture to create a hydrating and healing cleanser. It is ideal if your skin is acting dry or irritated. Start with wet hands and add a dollop of Honey Bee to the palm of your hand. Using the measuring spoon, sprinkle Ashes over the Honey Bee. Mix with your finger. Add water as needed. The result is a rich foaming, hydrating cleanser.

Ashes + Honey Dew

Blending these two power houses will create a potent age-defying treatment. This is ideal for evening out skin tone, treating hyperpigmentation, and tightening and plumping the skin. Begin with a dime-size amount of Ashes in a bowl or palm of your hand. Add about half a dropper full of Honey Dew. Add a little water if needed. Mix with finger. Spread the silky smooth cleansing treatment over your face and allow it to sit on your skin for a few moments.

Ashes + Purity

If you skin is acting acne prone, this is the cleanser for you. Purity is excellent at controlling sebum production. It reduces inflammation and fights bacteria. So when it is combined with Ashes the result is a super potent, acne-fighting cleanser. Begin with a dime-size amount of Ashes in a bowl or palm of your hand. Add about half a dropper full of Purity. Add a little water if needed. Mix with finger. The result will be a silky smooth acne-fighting cleanser.

Ashes + Clarity

For an intensive Vitamin C mask, blend Ashes with our Awakening Face Cream. You will get a deeply hydrating and incredibly potent treatment that will work to even out your skin tone, reduce water retention, and diminish age spots and hyperpigmentation. Begin with a dollop of Clarity in a bowl or palm of your hand. Use the measuring spoon to sprinkle Ashes over the Clarity. Add a few drops of water. Mix with your finger. The result will be a luscious, foamy mask. Apply the mask all over your face and neck, allow it to sit for about 10 minutes. If it begins to dry out, gently pat your face with wet hands.


  • Less is more. You can always add more Ashes, but if you start with too much it's more difficult to thin it out. So always start with a little.
  • Measure up. Use the little measuring spoon that comes in your bottle of Ashes, it makes it much easier to control the amount you use.

Now go be playful and follow your intuition. Sending you love from the desert wilds. XOXO