Clearing up the myths around exfoliation.

Clearing up the myths around exfoliation.

Freeing your skin from toxins and dead cell buildup is not only good for your complexion but good for the soul. I'm talking about making your skin glow, releasing unwanted baggage, radiating inside and out, and feeling beeee-autiful! 

When it comes to exfoliation, there is a lot of confusion about how to do it correctly and how aggressive you should be. Most people I talk to are doing it way too much and using harsh formulas (this includes most sugar scrubs) that create a cycle of damage and irritation. I don't meet many people who don't do it all – but when I do it is quite obvious. Aging is a fact of life and a beautiful process. I believe that well cared for skin (at any age) is lovely to behold. There are many benefits to a nourishing skincare routine and proper exfoliation plays a key role.

So let's clear a few things up...

Myth #1: More is better.

Truth: Over exfoliation can actually thin skin, increase redness, sensitivity and make it vulnerable to environmental damage. How much is enough? 1-2x a week will do it! Never is not enough.

Myth #2: You need chemicals, plastic microbeads, or electronic devices for it to work.

Truth: Traumatizing the skin is NOT the answer. We know that our bio-active ingredients achieve amazing results without causing harmful side effects or damage to our precious environment. If you strip off the layers of your skin before they are replaced you are doing more harm than good.

The natural cycle of the skin.

Our skin naturally exfoliates all on its own by shedding millions of dead skin cells every day. When we are young, our skin sheds its top layer every 28 days and replaces it with lovely, fresh cells. As we age, the turnover rate slows down and our skin becomes increasingly dry and dull. Effective exfoliation is essential to avoiding an unhealthy brittle shell, created by surface dead skin cells that can be a breeding ground for bacteria and oils leading to a breakdown in our skin barrier.

5 Signs That Your Natural Skin Barrier Is Breaking Down

1. Sensitive skin

2. Clogged pores

3. Inflamed acne

4. Dry, dull lack-luster skin tone

5. Fine lines

What you can do to keep your skin fresh and radiant.

Fortunately the desert holds the keys to healthy, radiant skin and offers an abundance of high-powered botanicals. One of our favorite "superheroes" for your skin is YUCCA ROOT, a natural cell-regenerating ingredient found in our SAND Red Mineral Polish. Used by our ancestors for cleansing and detoxification, this miraculous root cleanses AND hydrates the skin. It's incredibly rich in vitamins A, B, and C along with calcium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, and phosphorus. It soothes sensitive skin and inflammation, evening skin tone and giving you the softest skin of your (adult ;)  life.

Yucca is referred to in the southwest desert as “soap root”. This beautiful root does all the heavy lifting in our Sand Red Mineral Polish. It effectively softens and lifts unwanted debris from the skin so that wind-blown desert sand can sweep it away.

Superhero Powers:

    Contains Saponins; powerful antioxidant skin cleanser which supports healthy immune function of the skin.

    Deep cleans and exfoliates without abrasion

    Effectively removes dead skin cells


    Supports the growth of new cells

    Calms irritated and sensitive skin


    Find yourself transported atop the mystical sand dunes of our desert home. 


    This luxurious creamy compound is a head-to-toe (face and body) polish designed specifically to make you glow. It's a combination of tiny crystallized minerals and a sudsing compound extracted from yucca root, coconut, and other desert botanicals gathered locally. This creamy compound has a gentle exfoliating action that melts away the dead cell build-up as it glides lightly over the skin, polishing away the rough, jagged places where waste and debris tend to collect. It leaves a smooth, glowing surface.


    Simply moisten the hands with water and rub them together with a dab of sand, changing the compact cream into a soft, smooth lotion. 

    Brush your fingers, ever so gently, up and over the skin in in a circular motion, polishing the skin to a silky, pearl like shine.

    Pat gently up and over the face without rubbing. 

    Rinse in running water until grains are completely removed.

    Caress your beautiful, soft skin and smile.


    We wildcraft this beneficial root with respect; always allowing the plant to continue to grow.