Ritual, Connection, Magic & The Moon

Ritual, Connection, Magic & The Moon

During this busy time of year when we are getting ready for the holidays we need to gather a bit more sand than usual. Working later nights, we didn't get out into the wild desert until just after sunset. The moon was peeking over the horizon beckoning us towards a new adventure. We traveled to the perfect place, where the wind blown red desert sand is untouched by man. 

Looking out over the landscape, this precious sand was completely illuminated by moonlight - like dancing desert snow. We scooped each precious granule in a meditative trance. After gathering all we could fit into our buckets, it was time to make our way back to the car... that's when this magical night got real. We don't know if any of you have ever felt the need to gather large amounts of sand, but if you ever do you will soon realize that those suckers are HEAVY! 

What was a short journey from the car, was a much much further trek back. Luckily we are strong and resourceful women and with a little team work we finally made it. Once back at the lab, we made a beautiful batch of Sand Red Desert Mineral Polish - nicknaming it "Sundown Sand". It's a special batch. We know its amazing energy will transfer to our customers.

We have some many opportunities to connect with each other outside of the lab, in nature where life is so simple. Each inhale becomes full and every exhale brings peace. This season, we hope you take your opportunities to connect with your sisters and nature, to dance in the moonlight and gaze at the stars. These simple pleasures ignite our souls and calm the mind. They are ours for the taking anytime we choose to just look up.

She loves moonlight and rainstorms and so many other things that have soul.

- J.M. Storm

Wishing you magic and mystery,

Alicia, Whitney & Karen

Collecting Sand for our mineral polish