Celebrating Independence Day!

Celebrating Independence Day!

​In honor of Independence Day celebrations, we want to highlight one of our most popular products that never disappoints–– our Free Bird Botanical Perfume.

The Free Bird fragrance is meant for the wild spirit, the wanderer, and the independent thinker. Transform your energy into creation. Blonde tobacco and vanilla represent the sweet nature when freedom and creativity meet. Inhale the smoked leather scent of buddhawood and the heady notes of amber topped with jasmine flower. Unleash the fire of your untamed soul.

Fragrance Mood: Expressive imagination
Top Notes: Rosewood
Heart Notes: Buddahwood, Cinnamon, and Jasmine
Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla, Vetivert, and Blonde Tobacco

Inspired by the freedom of a bird's flight, Free Bird gives you a blissful mist of freedom, an ignited sense of spirit, and a playful mood lifter every time you use it. Breathe deeply, ground yourself, and allow yourself to bathe in the freedom we have been given!

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Enjoy the holiday weekend and fly freely!

Happy Independence Day!