Celebrating National Wellness Month!

Celebrating National Wellness Month!

In August we get to celebrate a whole lot of wonderful, nearing-Fall festivities, and the one that is of utmost importance is National Wellness Month! National Wellness Month runs throughout the month of August and was established to promote self-care and healthy, intentional living. Self-care and wellness encompass many things, including healthy habits, learning to manage
stress, and giving yourself the space and freedom to learn, change, and grow.
There are numerous ways to take part in National Wellness Month so to help you, we have laid out our five most important wellness tips:


For many it can be difficult to get an adequate amount of water. Making an
intentional effort to drink enough can help you get the water you need to heal and care for your body, skin, hair, and mental wellbeing!

2. Healthy Eating

Our diet is a crucial part of our health and wellbeing. Simple changes
can be made to reduce added sugar intake, and increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Always keep in mind that food fuels us and ensures how healthy we will look and feel!

3. Exercise

It is recommended that adults get 150 minutes of exercise per week. This can
be spread out over the course of the week, even 30 minutes Monday through Friday can greatly improve health and functioning. In whatever ways you get your minutes in, making exercise an established routine in your life will benefit you lifelong!

4. Sleep

Just like numbers 1-3, sleep is crucial to our wellbeing and to our livelihood.
Without enough sleep, a person can suffer from weakness, mental exhaustion, nausea, and more. Take time this month to make adjustments in your sleep schedule so that you can start and continue a healthy routine that gets you all the hours of restful sleep that you need!

5. Self-Care Routine

Investing time each day into yourself can make a world of
difference. We recommend establishing a routine that you do daily, including a makeup and skin health routine to keep you glowing and youthful. Check out our “Head-To-Toe Intuitive Ritual” for a good place to start!
National Wellness Month is the perfect time to make the changes you’ve been wanting to make!
We always are here to support you in feeling like your absolute best, most beautiful, healthy self!